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In the dynamic world of Nigerian fashion, one name stands out—Yinka Ash, the creative force behind the iconic streetwear brand, Ashluxé Society. Since its inception in 2018 with the launch of its flagship store in Lagos, Ashluxé has become synonymous with impressive dressing and has evolved into a major brand in the global fashion scene.

A Fusion of Science and Style:

Yinka Ash, a Biochemistry graduate from Caleb University, Lagos, is not your typical fashion maven. His unique perspective on art as a form of self-expression was shaped by the influential beats of Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s afrobeats and high-life, coupled with the trends set by American pop stars in the 90s. This fusion of cultural influences laid the foundation for Ashluxé’s distinct identity.

From Street to Stars:

Ashluxé’s portfolio is a testament to Yinka Ash’s unparalleled creativity. The collection spans a wide range of streetwear essentials, including T-Shirts, Sunglasses, Slides, Pants, Socks, Hats or Caps, Track Suits, Tops, Trousers, Shorts, Shoes, and Bags. The brand has adorned the likes of Nigerian music sensations such as Davido, Zlatan Ibile, Kizz Daniel, and fashion influencers like Toke Makinwa, Sarah Langa, and Bonang Matheba.

Roots and Branches:

Born in Epe, Lagos, to an English lecturer mother and a professional structural engineer father, Yinka Ash’s passion for fashion seems to run in the family. His brother is the mastermind behind the renowned apparel shop, Crowned Gear.

Ashluxé Store and Beyond:

The flagship Ashluxé store is strategically located at 22B Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. With additional branches in key cities like Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Onitsha, Ashluxé has become a household name across Nigeria.

Price Tags that Define Luxury:

For those looking to indulge in Ashluxé’s signature style, here’s a glimpse into the price range:

  • T-Shirts: ₦57,000 to ₦114,000
  • Hats or Caps: ₦25,000 to ₦40,000
  • Slides: ₦70,000 to ₦90,000
  • Pants: ₦60,000 to ₦140,000
  • Sunglasses: ₦72,000 to ₦112,000
  • Socks: ₦30,000 to ₦40,000

The Ashluxé Catalogue:

  • T-Shirts
  • Sunglasses
  • Slides
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • Hats or Caps
  • Track Suits
  • Tops
  • Trousers
  • Shorts
  • Shoes
  • Bags

Fashion with a Legacy:

Ashluxé T-Shirts, a staple since the brand’s inception, boast a variety of designs, including Red Alien, Gradient Alien, Gold Apollo, The Source, Gemini, and Robotics. Priced between ₦57,000 and ₦114,000, these shirts capture the essence of the 90s vintage baggy styles.

Accessorize with Panache:

Ashluxé Sunglasses, from Apollo to Polymath Black, Forest, Mars, Moon, and Mercury, elevate your style game. Ranging from ₦72,000 to ₦112,000, these eyewear options are a must-have for fashion enthusiasts.

Comfort in Every Step:

For those seeking comfort without compromising style, Ashluxé Slides are a perfect fit. Crafted from luxury leather materials and priced at ₦80,000, these backless mules are available in various colors.

Pants that Speak Volumes:

The Pants collection, featuring Elements Blue Chenille, Velvet Blue Robotics, Multi-Reflective, Burgundy Robotics, and Cloud Denim Jackets, ranges from ₦60,000 to ₦140,000, with the Cloud Denim Jacket standing out at close to ₦200,000.

Finishing Touches:

Complete your Ashluxé look with branded socks at ₦12,000 and hats or caps at ₦40,000, showcasing the brand’s logo in style.

The Enigma of Yinka Ash:

Despite the spotlight on his creations, Yinka Ash’s net worth remains a mystery. However, his success as a fashion entrepreneur and the widespread acclaim for Ashluxé suggest a fortune measured in millions.


Ashluxé Society isn’t just a clothing brand; it’s a cultural movement, a fusion of art, style, and self-expression that continues to redefine Nigerian fashion. Step into the world of Ashluxé, where every piece tells a story, and every outfit is an ode to the creative brilliance of Yinka Ash.

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