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Are you in search of an original and affordable sewing machine in Nigeria? Look no further than Butterfly sewing machines, a household name synonymous with simplicity, durability, and affordability. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the types of Butterfly sewing machines, their prices in Nigeria, and essential factors to consider before making a purchase.

Types of Butterfly Sewing Machines:

  1. Butterfly Electronic Sewing Machines:
    • Ideal for home sewers.
    • Features multi-function zigzag embroidery, built-in LED pilot lamp, and quick winding bobbins.
  2. Butterfly Manual Sewing Machine:
    • Suitable for both amateur and professional tailors.
    • Can be used electrically by attaching a separate device.
    • Versatile, capable of sewing on various fabric textures.
  3. Butterfly Overlockers:
    • Finishing machines for hems and seams.
    • Offer decorative stitching options and can cut off excess fabric.

Prices of Butterfly Sewing Machines in Nigeria:

  • Butterfly Domestic Sewing Machine Model JA2-1 (3-drawer): From ₦75,000
  • Butterfly Domestic Sewing Machine Model JA2-1 (3-drawer) with electric motor: From ₦80,000
  • Butterfly Domestic Sewing Machine Model JA2-1 (2-drawer): From ₦70,000
  • Butterfly Domestic Sewing Machine Model JA2-1 (2-drawer) with electric motor: From ₦72,000
  • Butterfly Multifunctional Sewing Machine Mid Jh8190s: From ₦79,000

Things to Consider Before Buying a Butterfly Sewing Machine:

  1. Sewing Experience:
    • Assess your sewing skill level – beginner, novice, or advanced.
    • Tailor your choice based on your experience to determine budget, size, and features.
  2. Budget:
    • Set a realistic budget for your sewing machine.
    • Consider buying a quality used machine if you have budget constraints.
  3. Intended Projects:
    • Choose a machine that suits the type of projects you plan to undertake.
    • Consider the thickness of the fabric you’ll be working with.
  4. Stitches:
    • Look for essential stitches like straight, zigzag, buttonhole, blind hem, and utility stitches.
  5. Special Features:
    • Explore features such as needle threader, adjustable speed control, automatic thread cutter, and more.
  6. Attachments and Feet:
    • Ensure the machine comes with attachments specific to your sewing plans, like presser feet and zipper feet.
  7. Mechanical or Computerized:
    • Decide between mechanical, computerized, or electronic machines based on your preferences and budget.

Final Thoughts:

We recommend purchasing your Butterfly sewing machine from reputable local dealers like PHREESEW ENTERPRISES in Lagos. Forming a relationship with your local dealer ensures personalized assistance and guidance. Before making a decision, research various manufacturers and models to make an informed choice. Happy sewing!

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