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In the thriving construction industry of Nigeria, particularly in the bustling city of Lagos, the demand for building blocks is ever-growing. Traditionally produced manually, building blocks can now be manufactured with greater efficiency and speed, thanks to the innovation brought about by block moulding machines. If you’re considering venturing into this business or upgrading your equipment, understanding the current prices of block moulding machines in Nigeria is crucial.

The Rise of Block Moulding Machines in Nigeria

Block moulding machines, also known as concrete block moulding machines, play a pivotal role in the construction sector. These machines use concrete as raw material, employing compression and vibration to shape it into sturdy building blocks. Let’s delve into the prices of various block moulding machines available in Nigeria in 2023.

1. Fully Automated Block and Brick Making Machine

Cost: ₦14 million – ₦16 million


  • Simultaneously mixes up to 24 blocks per batch
  • Dependable conveyor belt for concrete transfer
  • Strong mixer for blending sand, water, and cement
  • Enables the use of various moulds
  • Simultaneous use of hydraulic press and vibrator
  • 12 months warranty

2. Locally Fabricated Block Moulding Machine

Cost: ₦250,000 – ₦450,000


  • Can mould up to two blocks simultaneously
  • Manual operation
  • Powerful and durable
  • Cost includes delivery and installation

3. Electric Concrete Block Making Machine

Cost: ₦350,000 – ₦550,000


  • Moulds 6-inch and 9-inch blocks
  • Ideal for private and professional block production
  • Can be powered by a Lister generator or electricity
  • High vibration levels for top-quality blocks
  • One year’s warranty

4. Nigerian-Fabricated Egg Laying Block Making Machine

Cost: ₦600,000 – ₦800,000


  • Produces 1,000 6-inch blocks in eight hours
  • No need for a pallet
  • Reduced energy use
  • Portable and low maintenance
  • Generator with 3.5KVA output can power it

5. Multi-Functional Concrete Block Making Machine

Cost: ₦650,000 – ₦900,000


  • Automated machine for block manufacturing
  • Produces 1,000 6-inch blocks in eight hours
  • Can manufacture with or without a pallet
  • Portable, low maintenance, and easy to use

6. Hydraulic Electric Block Making Machine

Cost: ₦5 million – ₦6 million


  • Produces two 9-inch blocks or three 6-inch blocks at once
  • High vibration levels for superior quality
  • Automated and low maintenance

7. Mobile Concrete Block Moulding Machine

Cost: ₦1.7 million – ₦2.5 million


  • Produces up to 3000 blocks daily
  • Powered by an R180n diesel engine
  • Moulds 4-inch, 6-inch, and 9-inch blocks simultaneously
  • High vibration level
  • Installation and delivery included in the price

8. Complete Line Concrete Block Moulding Machine (FT4-5 Model)

Cost: ₦2.5 million – ₦3.5 million


  • Powered by a 6-horsepower vibrator
  • Produces five 6-inch blocks per minute
  • Requires three people to operate
  • Installation and delivery included in the price

As the construction industry in Nigeria continues to boom, investing in the right block moulding machine for your business is essential. Whether you opt for a fully automated machine or a locally fabricated one, these options cater to various needs and budgets. Upgrade your block production process today for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

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