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In the dynamic world of kitchen appliances, cake mixers have become indispensable, with various brands offering a wide array of options. This post delves into the prices of some popular cake mixers in Nigeria, providing valuable insights for those considering a purchase.

Cake Mixer Prices in Nigeria:

Cake mixers come in diverse sizes, designs, and types. While only a few brands manufacture these products in Nigeria, it’s crucial to explore the prices of different brands and types available in the market today.

  1. Eurosonic Cake Mixers:

    • Eurosonic 5 Speed Hand Cake Mixer With Rotating Bowl-4L: N22,000
    • Eurosonic Electric Cake Mixer: N11,000
    • Eurosonic 2L Cake Mixer Machine: N12,000
    • Eurosonic Cake Mixer With 5 Speed Rotating Plastic Bowl Speed-4L: N20,000
    • Eurosonic Cake Mixer And Chin-Chin Cutter: N32,000
  2. Master Chef Cake Mixers:

    • Master Chef Hand Mixer With Stainless Bowl: N12,000
    • Master Chef Powerful Cake Mixer With 4L Stainless Bowl: N30,000
    • Master Chef 5 Speed Setting Electric Cake Mixer: N28,000
    • Master Chef Stainless Steel Hand Mixer With Rotating Bowl: N25,000
  3. Murphy Richards Cake Mixers:

    • Murphy Richards 5 Litres Cake Mixer 800W: N190,000
    • Murphy Richards Orbital Cake Mixer: N159,000
    • Murphy Richards Total Control Stand Cake Mixer Pro: N155,000
  4. Linkrich Cake Mixers:

    • 7 Litres Linkrich Planetary Mixer: N190,000
    • 30 Liters Linkrich Planetary Mixer: N490,000
    • 20Kg Linkrich Industrial Mixer: N275,000
    • 20 Liters Linkrich Planetary Mixer: N405,000
    • 15 Liters Linkrich Planetary Mixer: N290,000
    • 10Kg Linkrich Industrial Mixer: N185,000
    • 10 Liters Linkrich Planetary Mixer: N253,000
    • Linkrich 60kg Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer: N610,000
    • Linkrich 30 Liters Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer: N400,000
    • Linkrich 200 Liters Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer: N4,000,000
    • Linkrich 130 Liters Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer: N2,050,000
  5. Sonik Cake Mixers:

    • Sonik Cake Mixer 1.5 Litres: N19,000
    • Sonik Cake Mixer 2.5 Litres: N25,000
  6. Other Cake Mixer Brands:

    • Andrew James 5.2-Litre Stand Mixer – Red: N136,000
    • Nulek Stand Mixer – With Rotating Bowl: N27,550
    • Breville 3.5L Flow Hand/Stand Mixer: N85,000

Where to Buy:

Cake mixers can be purchased directly from manufacturers, distributors across the country, contemporary stores, and e-commerce websites.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cake Mixer:

The expanding market for cake mixers necessitates careful consideration before making a purchase. Here are key factors to simplify your decision-making process:

  1. Purpose of the Mixer: Understand your usage requirements, considering the recipes and batch sizes you’ll be working with. Choose a mixer that aligns with your baking needs.
  2. Budget: Set a budget based on the type of mixer you need. Hand mixers offer affordable options under N10,000, while stand mixers range from N12,000 to N500,000, with commercial models going beyond N150,000.
  3. Weight: Opt for a lightweight hand mixer for ease of use, while a heavier stand mixer provides stability during operation. The weight contributes to the mixer’s overall strength and performance.
  4. Look and Design: Consider the aesthetics of the mixer. Whether you prefer a simple design or a pop of color in your kitchen, various options are available to match your preferences.
  5. Noise Level: Acknowledge the noise factor, especially with electric models. Research and choose a mixer with a noise level that suits your tolerance, as some models are quieter than others.


With the plethora of cake mixers available in the Nigerian market, understanding your requirements and considering these factors will guide you towards selecting the perfect mixer for your baking endeavors. Stay informed and make a choice that suits your needs and budget. Happy baking!

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