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Embracing the allure of The Benz, from its iconic logo to the remarkable lineup, it’s undeniable that Mercedes-Benz has etched its name as a leader in the automotive industry. One particular gem in their collection is the GLK 350, a compact SUV that captivates enthusiasts with its simplicity, originality, creativity, and above all, its unparalleled efficiency. In this post, we delve into the core specifications of the GLK 350 and explore its market prices, especially in the dynamic automotive landscape of Nigeria.

Cost of GLK 350 in Nigeria:

Prices of Foreign Used (Tokunbo or Belgium) GLK 350 in Nigeria: Mercedes-Benz, synonymous with luxury, stands tall as one of the most prestigious brands globally. The GLK 350, though production halted in 2015, continues to hold its ground as a sought-after vehicle in the compact luxury SUV category. Here’s a breakdown of the prices for foreign-used GLK 350 models in the Nigerian market:

  • 2010 & 2011: Starting from N9.7 million
  • 2012 & 2013: Starting from N11.5 million
  • 2014 & 2015: Starting from N15 million

While the GLK 350 remains a pinnacle of luxury SUVs, it’s worth noting that foreign-used versions generally come at a higher price point than their locally used counterparts.

Prices of Locally Used GLK 350 in Nigeria:

The robust and classy GLK 350, a compact luxury SUV, exudes strength and sophistication. As the trend of used vehicles dominates the Nigerian automobile industry, locally used versions of the GLK 350 have become more prevalent. Here are the current prices for locally used GLK 350 models in Nigeria:

  • 2010 & 2011: Starting from N7.35 million
  • 2012 & 2013: Starting from N7.80 million
  • 2014 & 2015: Starting from N8.95 million

These locally used versions offer a more cost-effective alternative without compromising efficiency, making them an appealing choice for savvy buyers in the Nigerian auto market.


The Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence. Whether you opt for the foreign-used elegance or the locally used practicality, this compact SUV continues to capture hearts with its timeless design and unwavering performance. Explore the world of luxury on your terms with the GLK 350 – a vehicle that transcends time and trends in the Nigerian automotive landscape.

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