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Are you a graphic designer in Nigeria looking to enhance your craft with a new heat press machine? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the current prices of heat press machines in Nigeria for 2023. Additionally, we’ll provide valuable insights into crucial factors to consider before making your purchase. Let’s make your decision-making process easier and ensure you get the best value for your money.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Heat Press Machine in Nigeria:

  1. Ease of Use: When choosing a heat press machine, consider its user-friendliness. For graphic designers starting their careers, an easy-to-use machine is crucial for a seamless workflow. Experts, on the other hand, may prioritize advanced features.
  2. Heat Distribution and Temperature Range: Pay attention to the heat distribution and temperature range of the machine. Higher temperature ranges are suitable for thicker materials, while proper heat distribution ensures quality prints on larger materials.
  3. Portability: Decide whether you need a movable or stationary heat press machine. Portable ones offer flexibility for on-the-go work, while stationary presses are ideal for a fixed workspace.
  4. Budget: Your budget is a key consideration. Research and understand the price range of the type of heat press machine you desire to ensure you can plan and save accordingly.

Current Prices of Heat Press Machines in Nigeria:

  1. Two-Lion Digital Steam Press and Stoning Machine (₦95,000 – ₦120,000):
    • 26-inch pressing plate
    • Quick and easy press for various materials
  2. 38-inch Heat Transfer Machine (₦130,000 – ₦150,000):
    • Up to 200 degrees Celsius
    • Well-designed handle for easy operation
    • Used for transferring rhinestones to materials
  3. 8-in-1 Heat Transfer Machine (₦169,999 – ₦180,000):
    • Versatile machine for plates, cups, and caps
    • Multiple press sizes for different materials
  4. Digital Fabric Steam Press Stoning Machine (₦135,000 – ₦155,000):
    • Power: 1600 watts
    • Quick press for drapes, linens, and pants
  5. 32-inch Digital Fabric Steam Press Stoning Machine (₦139,000 – ₦169,000):
    • Power: 1600 watts
    • Suitable for larger materials
    • Efficient heat distribution
  6. Combo 5-in-1 Heat Press Machine (₦215,500 – ₦240,000):
    • Plate, T-shirt, mug, and cap press
    • 3-month warranty for peace of mind
  7. Combo 8-in-1 Heat Press Machine (₦219,000 – ₦250,000):
    • Multiple press sizes for plates, T-shirts, mugs, and caps
    • 3-month warranty included
  8. 15-inch x 15-inch 8-in-1 Digital Control Heat Press Machine (₦222,500 – ₦260,000):
    • Fully-assembled with various press attachments
    • Suitable for T-shirts, cups, and hats
  9. 10-in-1 Heat Press Transfer Machine (₦245,000 – ₦280,000):
    • Comprehensive package with pen and shoe press attachments
    • Free tutorial DVD included
  10. More 5-in-1 Heat Press Machine (₦250,000 – ₦285,000):
    • 360-degree rotation for versatile use
    • Non-stick surface for easy operation
  11. 62-inch Heat Press Machine (₦144,500 – ₦165,000):
    • Ideal for applying rhinestones on clothes
    • Adjustable pressure screw for customized printing
  12. Unique Heat Transfer Machine (₦145,000 – ₦167,000):
    • Compact design with a focus on efficient heat transfer
    • Suitable for various materials


Choosing the right heat press machine in Nigeria requires careful consideration of factors like ease of use, heat distribution, portability, and budget. The prices mentioned for different models provide a range to help you plan your purchase. Invest wisely to elevate your graphic design business and create stunning prints with ease.

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