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The cable TV landscape in Nigeria has undergone a remarkable transformation, reaching new heights with the introduction of Multichoice’s groundbreaking DSTV Explora. As a frontrunner in the industry, Multichoice has solidified its position as a leading cable TV brand in Nigeria, with the Explora decoder elevating the viewing experience to unprecedented levels. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the evolution of cable TV in Nigeria, spotlighting the remarkable features and pricing of the DSTV Explora.

DSTV Explora:

Redefining Cable TV Experience Multichoice, with its DSTV basic decoder, had already established itself as a market leader. However, the DSTV Explora takes the experience a step further. The Explora decoder offers unparalleled features such as program recording, catch-up with missed shows, and seamless access to a diverse range of content, including football matches, movies, and music videos. This decoder ensures you never miss a live event or your favorite programs, both locally and internationally.

Features that Set DSTV Explora Apart While both the basic decoder and Explora decoder offer a vast array of channels and packages, the Explora stands out with its advanced features, flexibility, and technical properties. The ability to record programs, catch up on missed content, and enjoy HD viewing are just a few aspects that make the DSTV Explora a game-changer in the cable TV industry.

DSTV Explora Prices in Nigeria

To cater to the diverse needs of consumers, Multichoice offers different plans for the DSTV Explora, each varying in terms of channels and pricing. Here’s a breakdown of the prices:

  • DSTV Explora (without installation): From N116,000
  • DSTV Explora (with installation): From N125,000

Note: Prices may vary based on factors like location, time of purchase, and other related considerations. Installation charges typically range from N5,000 to N10,000.

DSTV Explora Packages The DSTV Explora packages mirror those of the basic DSTV decoders. Let’s explore the available packages and their corresponding prices:

DSTV Padi Package (N2,500 per month):

Provides access to over 45 local and international channels, including NTA 1, SuperSport BLITZ, African Magic, E-Entertainment, and more.

DSTV Yanga Package (N3,500 per month):

Offers over 85 local and international channels, including CNN, BBC, African Magic (English), Cartoon Network, and all channels available in the Access Package.

DSTV Confam Package (N6,200 per month):

Includes over 105 local and international channels, encompassing CNN, BBC, African Magic (English), ESPN Classic, Mnet Series, and all channels available in the Access Package.

DSTV Compact Package (N10,500 per month):

Ideal for sports enthusiasts, providing access to all DSTV Family package channels plus additional sports channels.

DSTV Compact Plus Package (N16,600 per month):

Similar to Compact but with additional sports channels, offering extensive coverage of live sports events, including English Premier League games and more.

DSTV Premium Package:

The ultimate package, granting access to over 160 channels, covering every sphere of entertainment, news, and sports. This is the most comprehensive DSTV package.


With its innovative features and diverse packages, the DSTV Explora has undeniably set a new standard for cable TV excellence in Nigeria. As Multichoice continues to lead the industry, the Explora decoder remains a top choice for those seeking an immersive and customizable entertainment experience. Explore the world of DSTV Explora and elevate your viewing experience today

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