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The jewelry industry in Nigeria is a thriving multi-million dollar sector, with fashion acting as a pivotal branch that encompasses various categories, including clothing and jewelry. This article delves into the world of gold necklaces, shedding light on their prices in Nigeria, trusted sources for purchase, and information on where to find customized gold necklaces.

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  1. Where to Buy Original Gold Chain in Nigeria:

    a. E-commerce Stores:

    • Jumia: Nigeria’s largest e-commerce platform, known for its reliability.
    • Konga: A reputable online store similar to Jumia, offering a wide range of products.

    b. Online Marketplaces:

    • Jiji: A popular online marketplace where sellers showcase items, including both new and used gold chains.
    • Olx: Similar to Jiji, Olx allows buyers to connect directly with sellers to negotiate and purchase items.

    c. Online Forums:

    • Nairaland: A well-established forum in Nigeria, featuring sections where jewelry sellers, offering both new and used gold chains, can be found.

    d. Gold Jewelry Shops in Lagos, Nigeria:

    • Azarai: A trusted jewelry store with locations in Ikeja, Lekki, and Abuja.
    • Eternal Circles: Offering a variety of jewelry, including 18k gold in yellow and white colors, with outlets in Lagos.
  2. Cost of Gold Necklace in Nigeria:

    • Women Gold Necklace + Earrings Set (Gold): N2,500 – N3,000
    • Gold Necklace Chain: N6,500 – N7,500
    • Double Triangle Pendants Necklaces: N6,000 – N7,000
  3. Where to Buy Customized Gold Necklace in Nigeria: For those seeking personalized options, here are some recommended sources:

    a. Womandilax:

    b. Ayo Naledi Jewelry:

    • A lesser-known online jewelry store founded in 2015, offering customized necklaces with a pay-on-delivery option.


Whether you’re in search of a classic gold chain or a personalized piece, this guide provides comprehensive insights into where to find original gold necklaces in Nigeria. Remember to explore reputable e-commerce platforms, online marketplaces, forums, and trusted jewelry shops for a seamless and secure shopping experience.

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