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In recent years, advancements in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments have paved the way for over 8 million babies to be born since the inception of IVF in 1978. Now, prospective parents in Nigeria have the opportunity to undergo successful IVF treatments at various centers across the country. This article delves into the potential costs associated with IVF treatments, offering insights to help individuals financially prepare for this transformative journey.

How Much is IVF Done in Nigeria?

Undoubtedly, IVF treatments come with a significant price tag, ranging from N800,000 to N4,000,000, depending on the chosen center and various factors. Payment structures may vary, with some centers allowing installment payments during treatment, while others require a 50% to 75% deposit before commencement, settling the balance upon completion.

Expected Expenses Breakdown:

  • Consultation with Fertility Specialist
  • Transvaginal Scanning: N110,000
  • Diagnostic Screening for Own Egg: N160,000
  • Diagnostic Screening for Donor Egg: N130,000
  • Re-assessment: N130,000
  • Follow-up Consultation: N45,000
  • Re-surrogacy IVF Treatment Fees: N1,520,000
  • Surrogate Assessment: N120,000
  • Legal Fee: N200,000
  • Scheduling Fees: N120,000
  • Sono for Surrogate: N60,000
  • Drugs for Surrogate & Donor: N1,200,000 (Nordica Fertility Centre example)

Factors Influencing Success Rates and Costs in Nigeria:

  1. Success Rate by Age:

    • Couples Below 35 Years: 40 – 45%
    • Couples Between 35 to 39 Years: 30 – 35%
    • Couples Older Than 40 Years: 10% or Less

    As age increases, both success rates and expenses tend to be impacted, making it crucial for couples to consider these factors.

  2. Cycle:

    • Nordica Fertility Center offers options for three IVF cycles with varying costs. Young couples may find it advisable to undergo all three cycles to enhance the chances of success.
    • Example Costs:
      • Unknown Donor – Three Cycles: N5,410,000
      • Known Donor – Three Cycles: N5,200,000
  3. IVF Drugs:

    • The cost of drugs and supplements can range from N200,000 to N500,000 for personal treatment and may exceed N1,000,000 for surrogacy, including drugs for both the surrogate and donor.
  4. Cryopreservation:

    • Embryo freezing and sperm freezing costs are additional factors to consider, providing a potential cost-saving option if the initial IVF treatment fails.
  5. IVF Legal Fees:

    • Surrogacy cases may involve legal fees, typically around N200,000.

IVF in Nigeria Price (Additional Information):

Cost estimates provided are specific to Nordica Fertility Centre and serve as a reference. Costs may vary among centers, but Nordica is recognized for its advanced technology and skilled personnel.

It’s essential to note that individual IVF treatment costs vary based on factors such as the duration of conception and the number of cycles undergone. While IVF can be expensive, fertility centers often implement measures like price reductions, discounts, and installment payment plans to ease the financial burden.


When embarking on the IVF journey, prioritize the reputation and effectiveness of the chosen fertility center over cost alone. Teaching hospitals in Nigeria also offer more economical options compared to private IVF centers. Additionally, some clinics sponsor IVF treatments, providing opportunities for couples to build their families without excessive financial strain.

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