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When it comes to affordable yet high-quality electronics, Hisense stands out as a reputable Chinese manufacturer known for its diverse range of products. In this post, we’ll delve into the pricing details of Hisense 50-inch TVs in Nigeria, offering you valuable insights to make an informed purchase decision. Let’s explore the latest prices and discover some exciting features that make Hisense TVs a compelling choice.

Hisense 50-inch TV Prices in Nigeria:

  1. Hisense 50 Inch A6K Series UHD 4K TV: From ₦338,800
  2. Hisense 50 Inch A7H Series UHD 4K Smart TV: From ₦356,400
  3. Hisense 50” Inches Smart UHD 4K TV (50A6K) – Black +1 Year Warranty: From ₦326,700
  4. Hisense 50″ Smart UHD 4k LED TV + Free Wall Bracket: From ₦320,000
  5. Hisense 50” Smart 4K UHD Frameless Smart TV, Wi-Fi, NETFLIX, YOUTUBE + WALL BRACKET: From ₦299,000
  6. Hisense 50” Smart UHD 4K TV: From ₦277,000
  7. Hisense 50” Smart UHD 4K TV+ Bluetooth, Netflix, YouTube & DSTV Now APP: From ₦325,000
  8. Hisense 50 ”Smart UHD 4K TV + Netflix, Bluetooth: From ₦299,000
  9. Hisense 50″ 4K SMART UHD TV with Wi-Fi & Free Bracket: From ₦299,000
  10. Hisense 50″ 4K SMART UHD TV With Wi-Fi & YOUTUBE+ Wall Bracket: From ₦299,000
  11. Hisense 50″ Inches Smart UHD 4K TV + Wall Bracket: From ₦299,000
  12. Hisense 50”A6 Series Smart UHD 4K TV+ Netflix, YouTube & Prime Video-50A6G: From ₦250,000
  13. Hisense 50”Smart UHD 4K TV +Bluetooth, Netflix, YouTube & Prime Video-50: From ₦250,000
  14. Hisense 50”QLED Smart 4K TV + Netflix, Youtube App-50A7GQ: From ₦266,800
  15. Hisense 50”Smart UHD 4K TV: From ₦232,000
  16. Hisense 50”Smart UHD 4K TV + Bluetooth: From ₦232,000
  17. Hisense 50”Smart UHD 4K TV + Bluetooth, Netflix, Youtube & DSTV Now APP: From ₦232,000
  18. Hisense 50”Smart UHD 4K TV + Bluetooth, Netflix, Youtube: From ₦232,000
  19. Hisense 50”Smart UHD 4K TV+ DSTV Now APP: From ₦313,000
  20. Hisense 50”Smart UHD 4K TV+ DSTV Now APP-50A7100UW: From ₦313,000
  21. Hisense 50”Smart UHD 4K TV+ DSTV: From ₦313,000
  22. Hisense 50”Smart UHD 4K TV + Netflix, YouTube, DSTV Now APP, Bluetooth: From ₦313,000

Why Choose Hisense TVs?

  1. Amazing Value for Money: Hisense TVs offer an excellent balance of affordability and quality. Positioned in the mid-range price category, these TVs provide users with unparalleled value, boasting high picture quality, rich colors, and durability.
  2. An Array of Tech Features: Keeping up with modern technology trends, Hisense TVs are packed with a wide array of tech features. Renowned as having some of the best features among mid-range TVs, they ensure a delightful viewing experience.
  3. Enhanced Gaming Features: Addressing previous limitations in gaming capabilities, Hisense has invested in research and development. The latest TV offerings are equipped with top-notch gaming features, catering to the needs of gaming enthusiasts.


Navigating the market for a new TV can be overwhelming, but Hisense makes the process easier with its affordable yet feature-rich 50-inch TVs. Whether you’re drawn to the A6K Series, A7H Series, or other models, Hisense offers a diverse range to suit various preferences and budgets. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so stay updated for the latest information on your desired model. Enjoy the remarkable value and cutting-edge features that Hisense brings to the world of home entertainment.

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