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Perfume enthusiasts understand that fragrances are more than just scents; they’re an integral part of one’s wardrobe. In recent times, the perfume market has witnessed a surge in attention, and amidst numerous standout brands, Jadore has effortlessly captivated the hearts of many. In this blog post, we delve into the allure of Jadore perfume, exploring its pricing in the current Nigerian market, along with a comprehensive review of its exquisite fragrance.

Cost of Jadore Perfume in Nigeria:

Jadore, also known as J Adore or Dior J’Adore, holds its ground among the more luxurious perfumes in the market. Present in various sizes, the 100 ml Jadore Perfume is priced at approximately N110,000, while the slightly larger 150 ml variant sells for around N130,000. Prices may vary due to factors like the place and time of purchase and currency exchange rates. It’s essential for consumers to be cautious of counterfeit products in the Nigerian market.

Jadore Perfume – A Fragrance to Remember:

Jadore Perfume, a creation of the esteemed perfumer Calice Becker, introduced by Christian Dior in 1999, is a sophisticated and feminine fragrance. Boasting a harmonious blend of chic florals, fresh fruits, and subtle woody notes, Jadore is a fragrance that leaves a lasting impression. The top notes feature melon, peach, pear, magnolia, bergamot, and mandarin orange, while the heart notes include a rich combination of tuberose, orchid, lily of the valley, rose, violet, jasmine, plum, and freesia. The base notes incorporate earthy musk, warm vanilla, fragrant cedar, and juicy blackberry custom, ensuring a moderate sillage and high durability.

J’Adore Perfume – A Review:

J’adore stands out as a sweet, crowd-friendly scent with a youthful yet sophisticated edge. Its smooth blend of florals and fruits makes it ideal for spring and summer, perfect for both workdays and weekends. While its popularity has led to the emergence of similar fragrances over the years, J’adore maintains its top-class quality and undeniably appealing aroma.

The Irresistible Aroma:

If you appreciate floral scents, Jadore is a must-try. The opening reveals a delightful combination of pear, melon, and jasmine, evolving into a bouquet of tuberose, lily of the valley, magnolia, and more. The dry down, featuring cedar and blackberry, leaves a memorable and clean impression, making it suitable for any age or personality.

Packaging Excellence:

Jadore’s packaging lives up to the elegance associated with Dior. Inspired by a Greek amphora, the bottle features a gilt and glass cap covering the spray cap, presenting a teardrop-shaped bottle for the exquisite juice. The packaging is not just a vessel but a testament to the sophistication within.

Why Jadore Perfume Remains a Favorite:

  1. Fresh, Fruity-Floral: The captivating blend of fruits in Jadore perfumes creates an irresistibly pleasant scent.
  2. Sophisticated and Elegant: Jadore exudes sophistication, adding a touch of class to your fragrance collection.
  3. Perfect for Daytime and Professional Wear: Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for both daytime and professional environments, striking a balance between mild simplicity and undeniable allure.


Jadore Perfume is not merely a fragrance; it’s an experience of timeless elegance and sophistication. As you indulge in its captivating scent, you embrace a piece of luxury that transcends time. Explore the world of Jadore and let its enchanting aroma become a signature part of your personal style.

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