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In an era where convenience meets cutting-edge technology, the days of being tethered to your sound system with a USB cord are long gone. Thanks to advancements in connectivity, LG has revolutionized home entertainment by introducing wireless home theatres that redefine how we experience sound. Notably, the integration of Bluetooth compatibility has taken the LG home theatre experience to new heights, making it more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

Renowned for their exceptional sound output and user-friendly features, LG home theatres have become a staple for audio enthusiasts. The Bluetooth-enabled models, in particular, offer a seamless and stress-free connection, allowing you to control your sound system comfortably from a distance. Whether you’re a seasoned home theatre aficionado or a casual listener, LG’s diverse range of options positions them as a leading electronic company worldwide.

LG Home Theatres: A Symphony of Variety

LG manufactures home theatres tailored for every occasion, boasting variations in size, sound quality, shape, and price. The Bluetooth-enabled models, in particular, empower users to play music wirelessly from their smartphones, enhancing the overall audio experience. LG sound systems consistently stand out for their superior sound quality, making them a top choice for those seeking an immersive audio journey.

Prices of LG Home Theatres with Bluetooth in Nigeria

LG products have earned their reputation as among the best and most revered in the electronics market. The Bluetooth-enabled home theatres, available in various sizes, shapes, sound qualities, and designs, cater to diverse preferences. While LG home theatres can be obtained directly from manufacturers, distributors, or contemporary gadget suppliers, it’s recommended to purchase from official LG distributors or the manufacturer for guaranteed reliability and durability.

Here’s an overview of the prices for various LG home theatre models available in Nigeria:

  1. LG DVD Home Theatre System (667LHD): ₦173,900
  2. LG 40Watts Wireless Audio Streaming HiFi Xboom: ₦48,990
  3. LG SK1 2.0 Channel Sound Bar With Bluetooth® Connectivity – 40W: ₦59,500
  4. LG 60W Multi Bluetooth Home Theater System (AUD 1D-RK): ₦70,880
  5. LG 40W Bluetooth Sound Bar (AUD 1 SK): ₦34,500
  6. LG X-Boom Home Theatre HiFi System (CJ45): ₦146,600
  7. LG 1000W Home Theater System (AUD 675LHD): ₦198,000
  8. LG 1000W Bluetooth Home Theatre Dolby System (AUD 71C-LHD): ₦172,200
  9. LG Bluetooth DVD Home Theatre System LHD667: ₦198,900
  10. LG Bluetooth DVD Home Theatre System – 1000WATTS: ₦230,000
  11. LG Bluetooth AUD Hi-Fi System-CJ44: ₦136,900
  12. LG 40Watts Wireless Audio Streaming HiFi Xboom System: ₦48,000
  13. LG 600W 4.1ch Wireless Sound Bar Subwoofer Bluetooth: ₦216,000
  14. LG 1200Watts 5.1Ch DVD Home Theater System AUD 756: ₦262,000
  15. LG 4.2Ch DVD Home Theatre With Sound Tower (AUD LHD675): ₦191,600
  16. LG SJ3 2.1 Ch Sound Bar Bluetooth With Wireless Subwoofer: ₦160,000
  17. LG Bluetooth HiFi XBOOM – RN5: ₦172,000
  18. LG 2.1Ch Audio Soundbar (3SJ): ₦118,800
  19. LG 2.1 CH 160 Watts Wireless Subwoofer With Bluetooth Simplink: ₦117,000
  21. LG 1250W DVD/AUDIO Bluetooth Home Theatre System: ₦284,000
  22. LG 2300W 4.2Ch High Performance AV Receiver Home Theater ARX10: ₦510,000
  23. LG 950Watts Xboom Bluetooth HiFi Home Theatre System-CL65: ₦254,000
  24. LG Xboom HiFi System, Bluetooth, Dolby Audio HDMI: ₦135,000

Why Choose LG Home Theatres?

For over 59 years, LG has consistently proven itself as one of the premier electronic brands globally, and their home theatres are no exception. Boasting breathtaking sound outputs and unmatched durability, LG home theatres are designed to provide years of excellent productivity without any compromise in performance.

Key Features of LG Home Theatres:

  1. Amazing Sound Quality: LG home theatres stand among the best in sound output, delivering clear and clean audio without any distortion.
  2. Affordability: While not the cheapest in the market, LG home theatres offer exceptional value for their class, making them a cost-effective choice.
  3. Durability: Built to last, LG home theatres are renowned for their impeccable durability, ensuring a long-lasting audio solution.


LG Bluetooth-enabled home theatres redefine the way we experience sound, combining cutting-edge technology with affordability and durability. Elevate your audio experience with LG – where innovation meets excellence.

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