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Welcome to the enchanting world of Magic Land Abuja, your premier destination for an unforgettable day of leisure, excitement, and family-friendly fun. Nestled in the heart of the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Magic Land Amusement Park and Resorts beckon adventure seekers of all ages. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the pricing details, attractions, and activities that make Magic Land a must-visit destination.

Unveiling the Magic Land Abuja Price List:

Entry Fee: Gain access to a world of wonder with our affordable entry fees:

  • Adults: N500
  • Children: N300

Games and Rides Fee:

Embark on thrilling rides and exciting games with our token-based system:

  • Rides: Between N500 and N700
  • Arcade games: N500

Other Activities at Magic Land Abuja and How Much They Cost:

Step into a realm of diverse entertainment options, each offering a unique experience at Magic Land Abuja. Prices are conveniently listed in coins, with one coin equivalent to N100.

  1. Afterburner Jet: 5 coins (N500)
  2. Air Hockey: 4 coins (N400)
  3. Baby Car: 2 coins (N200)
  4. Basketball Crazy/Extreme: 3 coins (N300)
  5. Batman: 6 coins (N600)
  6. Boxing King: 4 coins (N400)
  7. Bull: 5 coins (N500)
  8. Bumper Car: 6 coins (N600)
  9. Can Ally: 4 coins (N400)
  10. Dancing Butterfly: 3 coins (N300)

Important Information:

  • Prices are subject to change based on company policy adjustments.
  • Most activities are coin-based, with one coin priced at N100.


For an unforgettable day of laughter, joy, and family bonding, look no further than Magic Land Abuja. With an array of affordable options for both entry and activities, this amusement park promises an experience like no other. Don’t miss out on the magic – plan your visit to Magic Land Abuja today!

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