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In the dynamic world of retail, the art of merchandise display plays a pivotal role in attracting customers and boosting revenue. Among the various tools at a retailer’s disposal, mannequins stand out as versatile and effective aids. If you’re wondering about the cost of mannequins in Nigeria, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll break down the different types of mannequins available in the Nigerian market, providing valuable insights into their features and prices.

Mannequin Prices in Nigeria:

  1. Half Body Display Male Mannequin – N10,500 – N30,000

    • Adjustable height range.
    • Made of plastic material.
    • Covered with fabric material.
    • Measurements (height – 30 inches, hip – 38 inches, waist – 33 inches, and bust – 36 inches).
    • Indoor and outdoor use.
    • 4 kg.
  2. Headless Female Mannequin With Detachable Hands – N18,500 – N30,000

    • Full body female mannequin.
    • Heavy plastic base for stability.
    • Headless with arms.
    • Easy to set up.
    • 10 kg.
  3. Headless and Handless Female Mannequin – N15,000 – N25,000

    • Headless and handless.
    • Round plastic support for stability.
    • Plastic material.
    • 6 kg.
  4. Half Body Plastic Female Mannequin – N12,000 – N17,000

    • Adjustable height (up to 170 cm).
    • Hard plastic material.
    • Covered with black cotton fabric.
    • Portable for easy movement.
    • 4 kg.
  5. Kid Iron Mannequin – N17,000 – N20,000

    • Durable full-body mannequin.
    • Metal material covered with black fabric.
    • Affordable with value for money.
    • 5 kg.


these are the prevailing prices for mannequins in Nigeria. Keep in mind that prices may vary, but armed with this information, you’re now equipped to elevate your retail space with the perfect mannequin. Stay tuned for more updates, and happy retailing!

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