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In recent times, the importance of having an alternative power supply has become increasingly crucial due to the unreliability of the national electricity supply in Nigeria. With frequent power outages, having a dependable alternative power source, such as generators and inverters, is essential. This post delves into the prices of manual changeover switches in Nigeria, providing valuable insights into considerations before making a purchase.

Manual Changeover Switch Prices in Nigeria:

Manual changeover switches come in various types, classes, and power ranges, with different brands offering diverse designs and functionalities. The prices of these switches are influenced by factors such as power rating, brand, and overall quality. Below are some popular manual changeover switch brands and their respective prices:

  1. Stanley Changeover Switch & Prices:

    • Stanley 32 Amps Changeover switch – From N48,000
    • Stanley 63 Amps Changeover switch – From N99,000
    • Stanley 100 Amps Changeover switch – From N142,000
    • Stanley 200 Amps Changeover switch – From N250,000
    • Stanley 400 Amps Changeover switch – From N480,000
  2. Havells Manual Changeover Switches & Prices:

    • Havells 20 Amps Changeover switch – From N10,000
    • Havells 30 Amps Changeover switch – From N19,000
    • Havells 63 Amps Changeover switch – From N40,000
    • Havells 100 Amps Rotary Changeover switch – From N45,000
    • Havells 200 Amps Changeover switch – From N90,000
  3. Sukam Changeover Switches & Prices:

    • Sukam 63 Amps Changeover switch – From N50,000

Considerations Before Purchasing a Manual Changeover Switch: Before investing in a manual changeover switch, there are essential factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice for your specific needs.

  1. Power Output Rate:

    • Determine the total power consumption of your appliances.
    • Choose a switch with a power rating that matches your requirements.
    • Avoid selecting a switch with less or more capacity, as it may negatively affect your appliances.
  2. Cost:

    • Manual changeover switches vary in price, depending on type and power rating.
    • Consider your budget and balance it with the power output rate that suits your needs.
    • The most expensive may not always be the best; likewise, the cheapest may lack durability.
  3. Brand:

    • Research and choose reputable brands known for authenticity, durability, and efficiency.
    • Read online reviews and consider recommendations from users of changeover switches to inform your decision.


Investing in a reliable manual changeover switch is crucial for uninterrupted power supply in Nigeria. By considering factors such as power output rate, cost, and brand reputation, you can make an informed decision that ensures the longevity and efficiency of your chosen manual changeover switch. Stay powered up, no matter the electricity challenges, with the right manual changeover switch for your needs.

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