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Painting is an enjoyable activity that transforms spaces, but what many may not realize is the crucial role of paint thinners in achieving flawless results. This post delves into the world of paint thinners, their prices in Nigeria, applications, and essential safety tips to ensure a smooth painting experience.

Understanding Paint Thinner:

Paint thinners serve as solvents, aiding in thinning paint, removing it from surfaces, and cleaning painting tools like brushes and rollers. Additionally, they play a vital role in adjusting paint viscosity for specific applications, such as using a paint sprayer.

Paint Thinner Prices in Nigeria:

Before purchasing a paint thinner, it’s essential to explore the market for prices. Here’s a snapshot of the latest paint thinner prices in Nigeria:

  1. Thinner 10 – Stoving Thinner (4 Litres): From N7,526
  2. Thinner 109 – Lignolac Polyurethane Thinner (4 Litres): From N7,829
  3. Thinner 11 – ANAMMCQ Thinner (4 Litres): From N7,986
  4. Thinner 12 – Etch Primer Thinner (4 Litres): From N8,856
  5. Thinner 14 – Cellulose Thinner (200 Litres): From N388,700
  6. Thinner 14 – Cellulose Thinner (4 Litres): From N7,852
  7. Thinner 1950 – Alkyd Thinner (4 Litres): From N6,327
  8. Thinner 2 – General Purpose Thinner (4 Litres): From N6,899
  9. Thinner 2950 – Chlo-Rubber Thinner (4 Litres): From N7,646
  10. Thinner 37 – Cellulose Retarder (4 Litres): From N9,876
  11. Thinner 4700 – Acrylic PU Thinner (4 Litres): From N3,284
  12. Thinner 5 – Road Marking Thinner (4 Litres): From N8,284
  13. Thinner 52 (200 Litres): From N462,244
  14. Thinner 52 (4 Litres): From N9,244
  15. Thinner 6 – QD Thinner (4 Litres): From N7,998
  16. Thinner 6950 – Epoxy Thinner (4 Litres): From N9,058
  17. Thinner 76 – Autolux Thinner (4 Litres): From N8,196
  18. Thinner 7950 – Acrylic PU Thinner (4 Litres): From N13,379

Applications of Paint Thinner:

  • Cleaning Tools: Ideal for cleaning painting tools, especially after working with oil-based paint.
  • Reducing Viscosity: Essential for thinning paint when using spray applicators to achieve optimal results.
  • Preventing Paint Hardening: Applying small amounts of thinner prevents paint from becoming hard during extended periods of inactivity.

Paint Thinner Safety Tips:

  1. Wear PPE: Always wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including gloves, respirators, and goggles.
  2. Proper Storage: Store paint thinners in well-ventilated areas, ensuring containers are securely covered.
  3. Avoid Enclosed Spaces: Refrain from working with paint thinners in enclosed environments to prevent harmful fumes.
  4. Fire Safety: Have a fire extinguisher on hand when working with paint thinners to address any potential fire hazards.


Arming yourself with knowledge about paint thinners not only ensures a successful painting project but also promotes safety. From understanding prices to applying paint thinners effectively, this guide equips you with the information needed for a seamless painting experience in Nigeria.

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