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In the world of home appliances, Samsung stands out as a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and innovation. When it comes to refrigerators, Samsung offers a range of options designed to cater to individual styles and preferences. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the key features of Samsung refrigerators, their durability, and provide you with the latest prices in Abuja, Lagos, and Nigeria.

Samsung Refrigerators: A Closer Look

Samsung offers a diverse range of refrigerators, each designed with unique features to meet the varying needs of consumers. Let’s delve into two prominent series:

  1. Samsung Bespoke Series: The Bespoke series allows you to customize your refrigerator to match your personality and needs. With 12 distinct colors and two finish options, you can choose from bold dawn yellow to contemporary dusty charcoal. Special features include a built-in pitcher, internal water dispenser, automatic ice maker, and smart connectivity through the Samsung SmartThings app.
  2. Samsung Family Hub: Refrigerators equipped with Family Hub technology keep you connected to your appliance at all times. The enhanced touchscreen allows you to access cook times, recipes, and other useful information.

Durability of Samsung Fridges

Samsung demonstrates its commitment to quality with a 20-year warranty on essential parts, showcasing the brand’s dedication to providing long-lasting products. While the average lifespan of a Samsung refrigerator ranges from 10 to 15 years, factors such as electricity conditions, exposure to elements, and frequency of door openings influence its longevity.

Prices of Samsung Fridges in Nigeria

Here are the latest prices of Samsung refrigerators in Nigeria:

Price in Naira

  • Samsung one door fridge: ₦110,000
  • Samsung RT26 fridge 260L: ₦285,000
  • Samsung Double Door standing super: ₦400,000
  • Samsung 647 Liters side by side: ₦950,000
  • Samsung 265 Liters Duracool chest: ₦271,500
  • Samsung inverter fridge side by side: ₦1,700,000
  • Samsung side-by-side refrigerator: ₦890,000
  • Samsung side-by-side fridge and freezer: ₦450,000
  • Samsung inverter double doors: ₦370,000
  • Samsung 3 door inverter side by side: ₦1,630,000
  • Samsung inverter two-door fridge 252L + ice maker: ₦282,500
  • Samsung 243 liters digital inverter double: ₦380,000
  • Samsung 62L 3-door side-by-side fridge: ₦1,910,000
  • Samsung refrigerator RT46: ₦325,000
  • Samsung 251L Top freezer refrigerator: ₦285,000
  • Samsung side by side, 3 door refrigerator: ₦242,000
  • Samsung inverter refrigerator: ₦300,000
  • Samsung side-by-side refrigerator: ₦980,000
  • Samsung All-around cooling top mount: ₦165,000
  • Samsung wine refrigerator: ₦800,000

Fairly Used Samsung Fridges: Affordable Options

For those on a budget, here are some fairly used Samsung refrigerators with varying capacities and features:

Price in Naira

  • Samsung French 3 doors refrigerator: ₦360,000
  • 300 liters Samsung refrigerator: ₦180,000
  • 350 liters Samsung inverter refrigerator: ₦250,000
  • Samsung double door Non-frost refrigerator: ₦220,000
  • 225 liters Samsung free frost fridge: ₦100,000
  • 500 liters Samsung double door fridge: ₦150,000
  • [Insert more options]

Samsung Chest and Deep Freezers: Efficient Storage Solutions

Apart from refrigerators, Samsung also offers chest and deep freezers for efficient long-term storage of frozen food. Features include a generous capacity, extended freezing duration during power outages, and anti-rust protection.


When it comes to selecting a refrigerator, Samsung offers a variety of options to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a sleek Bespoke model, a Family Hub-equipped fridge, or an affordable used option, Samsung has you covered. Consider the features, durability, and prices mentioned above to make an informed decision that aligns with your requirements.

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