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In the fast-paced world of modern kitchens, hand mixers have become indispensable appliances, revolutionizing the way we approach food preparation. Not only do they offer convenience, but they also enhance the efficiency of mixing ingredients, making cooking a breeze. As the demand for hand mixers continues to soar in Nigeria, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the market, featuring popular brands and key considerations.

Hand Mixer Prices in Nigeria:

The market boasts a diverse range of hand mixers, available in various sizes, designs, and types. Whether you prefer purchasing directly from manufacturers, distributors, contemporary stores, or through e-commerce platforms, the options are aplenty.

Master Chef Hand Mixers:

  • Master Chef Electric Cake Mixer With Large Stainless Bowl – From N35,500
  • Master Chef Hand Mixer With Stainless Bowl-Cake/Barter Mixer – From N13,900
  • Master Chef Hand/Cake Mixer With Rotating Bowl – 2 Litres – From N18,900

Eurosonic Hand Mixers:

  • Eurosonic Electric Cake Mixer With Big Bowl – From N20,000
  • Eurosonic HAND MIXER/CAKE MIXER WITH BOWL 2L – From N14,000

Century Hand Mixers:

  • Century 4.1L Hand Mixer With 5 Speed & Rotating Bowl – From N30,690
  • Century HAND MIXER 4.1L CM – From N15,500
  • Century Hand Mixer With Rotating Bowl (Cake Mixer) – From N18,900
  • Century Cake Mixer- 4.1 Litres – From N23,500

Russell Hobbs Hand Mixers:

  • Russell Hobbs Portable Food Collection Hand Blender – From N16,500
  • Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand Mixer – From N15,000
  • Russell Hobbs Desire 3 In 1 Hand Blender – Matt Black – From N28,500
  • Russell Hobbs Desire Hand Mixer With 5 Variable Speed Setting – 300W – From N35,000
  • Russell Hobbs Portable Go Create Electric Hand Mixer – From N29,500

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Hand Mixer:

  1. Identify What You Need:
    • Tailor your purchase to your requirements, considering factors like speed and capacity. Assess whether you need a machine for small-scale mixing or commercial purposes.
  2. Consider Your Budget:
    • Hand mixers come in various price ranges. Find a balance between your budget and the features you need. Models range from less than N5,000 for basic options to N30,000 and above for commercial-grade mixers.
  3. Consider the Weight:
    • Opt for a lightweight mixer for ease of use, especially if you anticipate longer mixing sessions. A lighter hand mixer can still deliver robust performance.
  4. Consider Features You Require:
    • Prioritize functionality over aesthetics. Look for a hand mixer with a rounded shape, easily accessible buttons, and a slanted grip for comfortable handling.
  5. Consider the Speed:
    • More speed options generally indicate a more versatile mixer. Features like zero-speed for a smooth start and QuickBurst for quick transitions to higher speeds can enhance your mixing experience.


hand mixers have become a kitchen essential, streamlining food preparation and saving valuable time and energy. Your choice of a hand mixer depends on personal preferences and specific needs. The factors outlined here should guide you in selecting the best hand mixer for your kitchen. Embrace the convenience of modern technology and elevate your cooking experience with the perfect hand mixer for you.

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