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In a world increasingly reliant on the internet, access to affordable and reliable data plans is crucial. Spectranet Technologies, the pioneer of 4G LTE services in Nigeria since receiving its operating license from the NCC in 2009, has been a consistent player in delivering high-quality internet services. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of Spectranet’s Unlimited Data Plans, providing valuable insights into their offerings and activation methods.

Unlimited Delight with Spectranet Data Plans

Unlimited data plans are a joy, offering the convenience of a fixed data allowance for a specific duration. However, it’s essential to note that even with Spectranet’s unlimited data plans, there is a fair usage policy (FUP) in place, ensuring a balanced experience for all users.

To access Spectranet’s unlimited data plans, you’ll need the Spectranet 4G LTE WiFi CPE/WiFi device, and it’s worth checking the company’s official website to confirm its availability in your location.

Exploring Spectranet’s Unlimited Data Plans and Codes

Spectranet offers a range of unlimited data plans categorized based on the time of day when unlimited browsing is available. Let’s take a closer look at some of these plans:

  1. Do More Data Plans:

    • Ultra Value Plan 2GB = ₦1,020
    • Ultra Value Plan 5GB = ₦2,040
    • DOMORE VALUE PLAN 8GB = ₦3,250
    • DOMORE VALUE PLAN 10GB = ₦3,750
  2. Unlimited Plans:

    • UNLIMITED GOLD PLAN = 125GB @ ₦18,999
    • UNLIMITED DIAMOND PLAN = 200GB @ ₦20,000
  3. Mega Value Plans:

    • 18 GB all-day data plus Free Unlimited Night Browsing at ₦7,165 per month.
    • 30 GB all-day Data plus Free Unlimited Night Browsing at ₦10,235 per month.
  4. Always On Plans:

    • AlwaysON Kulele+ 5499 = 12GB (₦5,499) Unlimited Browsing@300 Kbps speed post 12GB
    • AlwaysON Kulele+ 7699 = 24GB (₦7,699) Unlimited Browsing@300 Kbps speed post 24GB
  5. Top Ups Plans:

    • Booster 1GB = ₦300
    • Booster 2GB = ₦500
  6. Mini Plans:

    • Mini Plan 1GB = ₦ 299, valid for 1 Day
    • Mini Plan 2GB = ₦ 499, valid for 2 Days

Purchasing Spectranet Unlimited Data Plans

While we haven’t provided specific activation codes, purchasing and activating Spectranet data plans is straightforward. Here are various channels through which you can make payments:

  1. Online:

    • Log in to your Spectranet user profile, select your preferred plan, and follow the instructions to make payment.
  2. Online Channels:

    • Utilize online channels such as Remitta and QuickTeller by visiting their websites and following the payment instructions.
  3. Recharge Vouchers:

    • Purchase recharge vouchers from any of Spectranet’s Channel Partners.
  4. JumiaPay:

    • Visit JumiaPay’s official website, select your preferred plan, and make the payment.
  5. Bank Payment:

    • Check Spectranet’s official website for bank account details, send funds to the account, and provide proof of payment to cae@spectranet.com.ng.

Spectranet’s commitment to providing affordable internet solutions is evident in its diverse range of plans catering to different user needs. Whether you’re a heavy data user or someone looking for lighter plans, Spectranet has you covered.

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