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Creating a conducive living and studying environment is crucial for students, and managing space is often a significant challenge. A key solution to this problem is investing in a student wardrobe. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the prices of popular student wardrobes in Nigeria, factors to consider when choosing one, and the importance of having a student wardrobe.

Student Wardrobe Prices in Nigeria:

  1. Foldable Wardrobe: Starting from N9,000
  2. Wooden Wardrobe: Starting from N50,000
  3. Portable Wardrobe: Starting from N17,000
  4. Steel Mobile Wardrobe: Starting from N30,000
  5. 2-column Steel Wardrobe: Starting from N25,000

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Student Wardrobe:

  1. Wardrobe Design:

    • Consider whether a swing-door or sliding-door wardrobe suits your needs.
    • For small rooms, opt for sliding-door or foldable wardrobes, while large rooms can accommodate swing-door wardrobes.
  2. Size:

    • Evaluate both the size of the wardrobe and the room it will occupy.
    • Ensure the chosen size complements the room size and fulfills your storage requirements.
  3. Parent Material:

    • The material used in the wardrobe affects durability and design.
    • Wooden wardrobes are durable, while steel wardrobes are the most robust but may be pricier.
  4. Readymade or Fabricated:

    • Decide between a ready-made or fabricated wardrobe based on your preferences and specific needs.
  5. Cost:

    • Consider your budget as it influences the size, material, and overall quality of the wardrobe.

Why You Need a Student Wardrobe:

  1. Orderliness:

    • Wardrobes help maintain order by providing dedicated spaces for different items, addressing the common issue of limited storage space.
  2. Security:

    • In shared living spaces like hostels, wardrobes with secure locks protect belongings from theft, ensuring peace of mind for students.
  3. Aesthetics:

    • Choose a wardrobe that complements your room’s style, enhancing its overall aesthetics.


Investing in a student wardrobe is a practical solution to the perennial problem of space management faced by students. By considering factors such as design, size, material, and cost, you can choose the perfect wardrobe to suit your needs. Whether for orderliness, security, or aesthetics, a well-chosen student wardrobe enhances both functionality and style in student living spaces.

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