Yamaha Motorcycle Price in Nigeria (March 2023)

Yamaha motorcycles are known for their high performance and quality. Its engine produces more in terms of power. Its fuel efficiency ensures that the bike runs efficiently, resulting in higher mileage.

This motorbike has a greater capacity to run short distances with ease. Knowing the list of Yamaha motorcycle price in Nigeria will help you avoid putting pressure on your pocket.

Yamaha Motorcycle Price in Nigeria

Yamaha motorcycles have a wider choice of models to choose from, making it easy for people to pick the right one according to their budgets and preferences.

The variety of models available in the market makes it possible for people to find something that suits their demands, as long as they go through the right selection process without getting confused with all the different choices available in the market.

Yamaha motorcycles usually come with high-end technology. Advanced technology is used to improve the bikes’ performance. The distinct technology is one of the things that makes this motorbike a success

Yamaha has been in the market for more than over 65 years now. This is an indication that motorbikes are making success after success in the market. Yamaha Motorcycles are known for their high quality.

It has been established that the company has been producing great motors for years and there’s a reason why people tend to appeal to them when it comes to buying a motorbike. The fact that this company has been producing great engines for decades and still does is known by most people.

Yamaha motorcycle price in Nigeria

  • Yamaha Crux Rev Manual – ₦‎270, 000
  • Yamaha Force-X-Royale – ₦‎250,000
  • Yamaha FZ25 – ₦‎250,000
  • Yamaha AG200 – ₦‎200,539
  • Yamaha YZF-R3 – ₦‎500,000

What to Look Out for When Buying Yamaha Motorcycle

There are several aspects that one must consider when buying a Yamaha motorbike. The price is one of the most important aspects to consider.

You need to have sufficient money for you to be able to purchase a motorbike. If you do not have enough money, then it will be impossible for you to buy any of these machines.

It’s best if you calculate how much money you need and plan your budget accordingly. A Yamaha motorbike is a machine that has excellent features and the price is definitely worth it.

Another important aspect to consider when buying a motorbike is its fuel efficiency. You need to make sure that it’s of good fuel efficiency since you need this machine for your business or personal use as well.

You will be using it for your transportation purposes so it’s important that you ensure that the fuel efficiency is good. You’ll be needing it a lot so you need to consider any shortcomings in this aspect.

The engine of this machine is also a factor that you must consider when buying a Yamaha motorcycle. The engine is one of the things that determine how long the machine will operate smoothly.

An engine that has many functions and can produce more power is definitely an excellent choice for those who have plans to use it for longer distances.

The performance of the motorcycle is another important aspect to consider when getting one. The engine of this machine plays an important role in determining how fast the machine will run. The maximum speed of your vehicle is also an important matter that you must consider.

You’ll have pre-determined a budget for your purchase and if you’re still looking for hard-to-find models that are within your limit, you should look out for these models as well. You have to consider these aspects so you’ll be able to get the best motorbike within your budget.  

Compare Prices of Motorcycles in Nigeria


Yamaha motorcycles are a good choice for those who want to buy a cheap motorbike that they can afford. The price is affordable and the quality is commendable too.

With this list of Yamaha motorcycle prices in Nigeria, you’ll definitely get an idea of what you need to spend and the price range that you will have to go through.

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