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Bajaj Boxer motorcycle is not just a good-looking bike; it is also a highly practical and functional piece of transportation equipment. It is made of high-quality aluminum, which makes it one of the most popular motorcycles on the Nigerian market.

This article will help you to know Boxer motorcycle price in Nigeria to make the best choice.

About Bajaj Boxer motorcycle

The Bajaj Boxer motorcycle boasts very good fuel economy. It can go up to 500 kilometers on a full tank of petrol as
against some other motorcycles of the same size.
The Boxer motorcycle is one of the best on-road motorcycles in Nigeria. It has a very good power-to-weight ratio and
is therefore very easy to maneuver.
The Boxer motorcycle comes with a manual transmission and therefore provides a lot of flexibility to the rider to
change gears whenever they wish to. The motorcycle is also very stable on all types of roads thanks to the high
ground clearance of the bike.
The bike has a very powerful single-cylinder engine, which makes it capable of both smooth and instant acceleration.
It has very smooth gear changes that are appreciated by most riders.
The bike also has a very comfortable seat and it is wide enough to accommodate two people. For this reason, the Bajaj Boxer motorcycle is one of the most used commercial bikes in Nigeria.

Bajaj Motorcycle Price in Nigeria

  1. Bajaj Pulsar NS160 cost ranges from ₦320,000 – ₦850, 000
  2. Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS cost ranges from ₦200,000 – ₦850,000
  3. Baja Pulsar AS150 cost ranges from ₦320,000 – ₦450,000
  4. Bajaj V15 cost ranges from ₦200, 000 – ₦430, 000
  5. Bajaj Discover 125F cost ranges from ₦170,000 – ₦400,000

Key Features of Bajaj Boxer Motorcycle

The Bajaj Boxer motorcycle is one of the most fuel-efficient motorcycles in the Nigerian market. Its fuel tank can hold 11 liters of petrol which is capable of getting the bike up to 500 kilometers on a single tank. Its engine also gives a
very nice power-to-weight ratio which gives the bike excellent acceleration. This combination of features ensures that
the Bajaj Boxer motorcycle is one of the best bikes for commercial use in Nigeria.
The bike is also very durable. It can go up to 10,000 kilometers before the need for any repairs arises which is such a
good feature of this motorcycle. This gives the rider so much freedom when it comes to purchasing spare parts. The
bike is also very durable and no spare parts are required after frequent use.
Boxer bikes also have long and comfortable seats which makes riding a very enjoyable experience. It allows the rider
to relax while they are on the way from one point to another. It also has an adjustable handlebar that is ergonomically
designed for comfort purposes.


The Bajaj Boxer motorcycle price in Nigeria can vary depending on where you shop for it and does not have a specific
value that is fixed. However, it is very important that you get the Bajaj motorcycle price on the side of your budget. The
bike has an alloy wheel which can make you fall in love with this bike if you are a fan of bikes with such wheel

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