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Dreaming of exploring the vibrant culture and rich history of India from Nigeria? The journey begins with finding the best flight deals that won’t break the bank. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the factors influencing flight prices and provide a detailed look at the costs of flights from Lagos to New Delhi. Get ready to embark on your Indian adventure without burning a hole in your pocket!

The Convenience of Booking Online

Thanks to technological advancements, booking a flight from Nigeria to India is now a breeze. From the comfort of your home, you can use your mobile phone, tablet, or computer to access various websites that compare airline prices on the Nigeria-India route. Input your preferred date of travel, and a list of available airlines with their respective packages and prices will be at your fingertips.

 Factors Influencing Flight Prices

Understanding the factors affecting flight prices can help you score the best deals. Flight prices are influenced by variables such as the booking window, with earlier bookings often resulting in more affordable fares. Additionally, factors like the time of year, take-off time, weather conditions, currency exchange rates, and fuel prices contribute to the variation in ticket prices.

Lagos to New Delhi Flight Prices

Let’s delve into the specifics of flight prices from Lagos to New Delhi, considering both one-way and return options.

One-way Flights:

  1. Lagos to Mumbai: From N373,051
  2. Lagos to Ahmedabad: From N420,433
  3. Lagos to New Delhi: From N423,177
  4. Lagos to Thiruvananhapuram: From N541,820
  5. Lagos to Hyderabad: From N572,624
  6. Lagos to Bengaluru: From N726,486
  7. Lagos to Kochi: From N998,049
  8. Lagos to Marmagao: From N1,005,860
  9. Lagos to Kozhikode: From N1,271,161

Return Flights:

  1. Lagos to Mumbai

    • Economy flights: From N373,051
    • Premium Economy flights: From N1.27 million
    • Business class flights: From N869,691
  2. Lagos to Ahmedabad

    • Economy flights: From N612,271
    • Business class flights: From N1.2 million
  3. Lagos to New Delhi

    • Economy flights: From N401,853
    • Business class flights: From N1.23 million
  4. Lagos to Thiruvananhapuram

    • Economy flights: From N512,252
    • Business class flights: From N1.6 million
  5. Lagos to Hyderabad

    • Economy flights: From N424,444
    • Business class flights: From N1.1 million
    • Premium Economy flights: From N1.5 million
  6. Lagos to Bengaluru

    • Economy flights: From N438,227
    • Business class flights: From N1.22 million
    • Premium Economy flights: From N826,251
  7. Lagos to Kochi

    • Economy flights: From N535,804
    • Business class flights: From N1.5 million
    • Premium Economy flights: From N2 million
  8. Lagos to Marmagao

    • Economy flights: From N423,063
    • Business class flights: From N1.22 million
    • Premium Economy flights: From N1.53 million
  9. Lagos to Kozhikode

    • Economy flights: From N565,598
    • Business class flights: From N1.22 million


As you plan your journey from Nigeria to India, keep in mind the various factors influencing flight prices. Book in advance, consider off-peak travel times, and explore the options available to find the most budget-friendly deal. With this guide, you’re one step closer to making your dream Indian adventure a reality. Safe travels!

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