Cost of Flights from Nigeria to South Africa (March 2023)

The aviation industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, and it continues to grow even faster. This is because of the many advantages that are offered by air travel, not only does it enable you to travel to different places quickly, but it also makes your trip more comfortable.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Cost of Flights from Nigeria to South Africa to make your decision easier.

Cost of Flights from Nigeria to South Africa

South Africa is a very popular tourist destination mainly because the country is known for its wonderful land features and unique fauna, but also because of the gorgeous beaches that are found in South Africa. There are many interesting places to visit in South Africa like Kruger National Park.

South Africa is a great place for people who want to go on safari trips as well as for people who love water sports and want to explore the wonders of the sea.

There is much more to see and do in the country that you can experience on your trip from Nigeria to South Africa, so it is important that you plan ahead after making a reservation with an airline company and decide beforehand what deals are most beneficial for you.

Since you are planning a trip from Nigeria to South Africa, there’s no way that you don’t want to travel on the most affordable flight possible.

In this regard, the first thing that you have to do is check which airlines operate flights between Nigeria and South Africa and select the most affordable airline. Next, you have to compare prices among different airlines so that you make sure of selecting the cheapest package.

In this regard, it is important to compare the price between different airlines as they will have varying packages with varying prices.

However, one should also compare the price between different airlines to make sure that he or she is going for the best deal. Also, one should never remember that air fares can be cheap or expensive in some cases. It is important that one understands all these factors before making a choice.

Cost of Flights from Nigeria to South Africa

The cost of a flight from Nigeria to South Africa is always relative and depends on the location of departure and destination, whether it’s a short route or long route, the type of aircraft used, and other variables that determine the price of a flight.

The more high-end airlines an airline serves, the higher the cost of its flights will be because they have more advanced operations than lower-end airlines. The current flight prices to South Africa are presented below:

Qatar Airways

  • Economy: from ₦487,177
  • Business class: from ₦738,506

Kenya Airways

  • Economy: from ₦483,779
  • Business class: from ₦1,132,999

South African Airways

  • Economy: from ₦317,238
  • Business class: from ₦1,632,542

Turkish Airways

  • Economy: from ₦966,731
  • Business class: from ₦1,535,432

Ethiopian Airlines

  • Economy: from ₦334,613
  • Business class: from ₦1,021,939

Virgin Atlantic

  • Economy: from ₦2,169,696
  • Business class: from ₦4,237,711

Air France

  • Economy: from ₦2,472,767
  • Business class: from ₦4,741,740

Compare Prices of Flights in Nigeria

How long is the flight from Nigeria to South Africa?

The fastest flight from Nigeria to South Africa takes about 6h 15m, which means that for a direct flight, you can travel faster to South Africa, but for flights with stopovers, the trip will take about 11 hours.

The major airlines that operate for this route are Ethiopian Airlines, RwandAir, South African Airways. When you are about to book air travel tickets, you can specifically check out the special deals that are offered by the afore-mentioned airlines and choose the right one for yourself.

Many people from Nigeria who visit this place, always have an amazing experience with a distinct cultural encounter. The most popular cities in South Africa are Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. The city that is the most popular in South Africa is Johannesburg, which has more memorable experiences to offer.  

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