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If you’re looking for the best phone deals, the 3C Hub Phone Price List is a great place to start. This list includes a

wide range of the most recent and innovative phones from top manufacturers such as Tecno, Infinix, Samsung,

among others.

3c Hub Phone Price List

They also sell a variety of accessories to help you make the most of your new phone. You’ll find everything you need

to improve your phone experience, from cases and screen protectors to Bluetooth speakers and earphones.

About 3c Hub

3CHUB is the biggest store in the area of smartphones, home appliances, accessories, and fashion accessories. It

has its headquarters in Nigeria and Cameroon.

Micro-Station and Transparent Franchise Store are subsidiaries of the 3CHUB Store. It has over 70 stores in Nigeria

and over 87 retail outlets in Africa. They have become a major competitor to slot Nigeria.

3CHUB Store was named ‘’Nigeria No.1 Smart Phone Retail Store in Nigeria.‘’ by VIVO Nigeria in 2020. This Store

has also successfully partnered with big telecommunication companies like ETISALAT, GLO, MTN, and AIRTEL also

big online marts like JUMIA and KONGA.

Prices of Infinix Phones in 3c Hub

Infinix Model ROM/RAM Price
Smart 6 (X657) 3G 32GB + 2GB ₦58,500
Smart 6 (X6511B) 4G 32GB + 2GB ₦61,600
Smart 6 plus (X65116) 4G 32GB + 2GB ₦73,100
HOT 12i (X665) 64GB + 2GB ₦75,600
HOT 12i (X665B) 64GB + 3GB ₦82,100
HOT 12i (X665B) 64GB + 4GB ₦87,100
HOT 20i (X665C) 64GB + 2GB ₦74,100
HOT 20i (X665C) 64GB + 3GB ₦78,800
HOT 20i (X665E) 64GB + 4GB ₦84,700
HOT 12 PLAY (X6816) 64GB + 4GB ₦85,300
HOT 12 PLAY (X6816) 128GB + 4GB ₦112,500
HOT 12 (X6817) 128GB + 4GB ₦121,200
Note 12i (X6819) 128GB + 4GB ₦125,400
Note 12 (X663) 128GB + 4GB ₦144,800
Note 12 (X670) 128GB + 8GB ₦168,000
Note 12 pro 5G (X671B) 128GB + 8GB ₦197,400
Note 12 vip (X672) 256GB + 8GB ₦254,100
Note 10 pro2022 (X695) 256GB + 8GB ₦145,400
ZERO 20 (X6821) 256GB + 8GB ₦224,600
ZERO ULTRA (X6820) 256GB + 8GB ₦405,500
HOT 11 PLAY (X688B) 64GB + 4GB ₦79,300
HOT 11 PLAY (X688B) 128GB + 4GB ₦87,000
HOT 11 (X689F) 128GB + 4GB ₦94,500
Note 11 (X663) 128GB + 4GB ₦116,000
Note 11 pro (X697) 128GB + 8GB ₦148,000
ZERO X (X6811B) 128GB + 8GB ₦165,000
Zero X Pro (X6811) 256GB + 8GB ₦181,300


Finally, if you want a dependable phone at a reasonable price, the 3c Hub is an excellent choice. With so many

phones to choose from, you’re sure to find one that meets your requirements.

Not only do our phones have the most up-to-date features, but they also come in a variety of colours and styles,

allowing you to find the perfect phone to match your personal style.

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