Microstation Phones Ikeja & Prices (February 2023)

Microstation has a large selection of the latest smartphones and accessories. They offer a wide range of devices to accommodate all budgets and needs.

Microstation has something for everyone, whether you need a basic phone or a high-end device. All of their phones include cutting-edge features like dual-SIM support, dual-camera systems, and more.

Microstation Phones Ikeja

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most current prices for phones in Lagos’s Microstation Ikeja. We have also written on slot Nigeria pricelist.

About Micro-station Ikeja

Microstation, a subsidiary of 3C Hub, was founded in 2019 and is one of Nigeria’s leading phone and electronics retailers. They provide an extensive selection of high-quality phones, tablets, and accessories at unbeatable prices.

Micro Station is located at number 9 Otigba Street, Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria

They have a wide range of high-quality phones, prices that can’t be beaten, and great customer service. When you shop at Microstation, you can be confident that you will get the best value for your money.

Prices of Infinix Phones in Micro-Station Ikeja

Infinix ModelROM/RAMPrice
Smart 6 (X657) 3G32GB + 2GB₦58,500
Smart 6 (X6511B) 4G32GB + 2GB₦61,600
Smart 6 plus (X65116) 4G32GB + 2GB₦73,100
HOT 12i (X665)64GB + 2GB₦75,600
HOT 12i (X665B)64GB + 3GB₦82,100
HOT 12i (X665B)64GB + 4GB₦87,100
HOT 20i (X665C)64GB + 2GB₦74,100
HOT 20i (X665C)64GB + 3GB₦78,800
HOT 20i (X665E)64GB + 4GB₦84,700
HOT 12 PLAY (X6816)64GB + 4GB₦85,300
HOT 12 PLAY (X6816)128GB + 4GB₦112,500
HOT 12 (X6817)128GB + 4GB₦121,200
Note 12i (X6819)128GB + 4GB₦125,400
Note 12 (X663)128GB + 4GB₦144,800
Note 12 (X670)128GB + 8GB₦168,000
Note 12 pro 5G (X671B)128GB + 8GB₦197,400
Note 12 vip (X672) 256GB + 8GB₦254,100
Note 10 pro2022 (X695) 256GB + 8GB₦145,400
ZERO 20 (X6821) 256GB + 8GB₦224,600
ZERO ULTRA (X6820) 256GB + 8GB₦405,500
HOT 11 PLAY (X688B) 64GB + 4GB₦79,300
HOT 11 PLAY (X688B) 128GB + 4GB₦87,000
HOT 11 (X689F) 128GB + 4GB₦94,500
Note 11 (X663) 128GB + 4GB₦116,000
Note 11 pro (X697) 128GB + 8GB₦148,000
ZERO X (X6811B) 128GB + 8GB₦165,000
Zero X Pro (X6811) 256GB + 8GB₦181,300


So, if you’re looking for the best latest Phones in Nigeria, Microstation is the place to go. Visit their store today to learn more about their phones, accessories, and low prices.

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