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In our ever-evolving world, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered the way we travel and interact. As the global community strives to adapt to the new normal, one crucial aspect is understanding the necessity of PCR tests. For those planning to travel from or within Nigeria, this blog post aims to provide valuable insights into the costs associated with PCR testing and the various reasons one might need to undergo this test.

Cost of PCR Test in Nigeria:

The cost of PCR tests in Nigeria is subject to variation based on location and testing centers. While it’s challenging to pinpoint an exact figure, recent findings highlight the range of prices in three major states:

  1. Lagos State: N45,250 – N55,000
  2. Abuja (FCT): N38,000 – N47,000
  3. Rivers State: N39,000 – N45,000

These figures represent the upper end of the price spectrum. On average, PCR tests across all states typically fall within the range of N35,000 and N40,000.

Why You Need a PCR Test:

Beyond addressing symptoms, there are several compelling reasons to consider regular PCR testing:

  1. Protecting Yourself and Your Family:

    • Taking responsibility for your health and that of your family is paramount in the current pandemic landscape.
    • Frequent PCR testing helps identify asymptomatic carriers, ensuring you can take appropriate precautions and keep your loved ones safe.
  2. Travel Requirements:

    • Many countries now mandate PCR testing for travelers, both before departure and upon arrival.
    • Airlines and airports globally necessitate passengers to present negative PCR results to facilitate smooth travel.
  3. Workplace Safety:

    • Certain workplaces enforce regulations requiring employees to undergo PCR testing, particularly after official trips or extended absences.
    • New hires may be expected to present PCR results before commencing work, contributing to overall workplace safety protocols.
  4. Displaying Symptoms:

    • If you experience COVID-19 symptoms, getting a PCR test is crucial for accurate diagnosis and prompt initiation of treatment.
    • Self-medication is discouraged, emphasizing the importance of knowing your status for better recovery chances.


In the dynamic landscape of the post-pandemic era, staying informed about PCR testing is essential for responsible living, safe travel, and workplace adherence to safety protocols. While costs may vary, the benefits of regular testing extend beyond individual health, contributing to the collective well-being of communities worldwide.

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