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Discover the untapped potential of snail farming, a high-return investment that promises significant profits in Nigeria. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the economic benefits of snail rearing and provide valuable insights for individuals interested in starting a successful commercial snail farm.

The Profitability of Snail Farming:

Snails are a highly sought-after delicacy in Nigeria, and their scarcity has driven prices up. This scarcity presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on the lucrative snail farming business. With a high demand and low production rate, the return on investment (ROI) in snail farming is substantial.

Choosing the Right Breed:

Before embarking on a snail farming venture, it is crucial to select the right breed. Among the various species available, Achatina Marginata stands out as the most profitable for commercial snail farming. Within the Achatina Marginata family, the Jumbo specie proves to be the preferred choice due to its rapid growth and unlimited size potential.

Where to Source Snails in Bulk:

To kickstart your snail farm, it’s essential to secure a reliable source for quality snails. In Lagos, Nigeria, we recommend a verified and experienced Snail Dealer reachable at 07038408983. Additionally, our marketplace offers Jumbo specie Snails for those seeking a trustworthy bulk supplier.

Current Snail Prices:

Stay informed about the market prices for live and processed snails. As of now, the cost of live snails per kilogram is ₦5,000, while processed (frozen) snails command ₦15,000 per kilogram.

Understanding Snail Sizes and Prices:

Snail prices vary according to size. Here’s a breakdown of the different snail sizes and their corresponding prices:

  1. Baby Snails (1-30 days old) – ₦100
  2. Grower Snails (1-5 months old) – ₦150
  3. Point of Lay Snails (5-8 months old) – ₦400
  4. Breeder Snails (8-12 months old) – ₦800
  5. Table Sized Snails (12-18 months old) – ₦600
  6. Jumbo Snails (18-24 months old) – ₦1,500
  7. Extra Large Snails (2 years and above) – ₦1,600

Additionally, snail eggs are available at ₦50 each.


Embarking on a snail farming journey presents a promising business opportunity with significant returns. By choosing the right breed, sourcing quality snails, and understanding market dynamics, entrepreneurs can position themselves for success in this thriving industry. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a newcomer, the potential for profitability in snail farming in Nigeria is vast and waiting to be explored.

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