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In Nigeria, the ever-growing demand for reliable water sources has spurred the development of innovative solutions, particularly in the realm of borehole drilling. Recognizing the pivotal role of water accessibility for both commercial and personal use, the borehole drilling system has emerged as a game-changer. Not only does it ensure a steady water supply, but it also addresses the rising concerns about the high cost of fuel by introducing eco-friendly alternatives, such as solar-powered systems for water pumping.

Types and Prices of Borehole Drilling in Nigeria :

  1. Manual Borehole Drilling Method:
    • Duration: 7 to 14 days
    • Workers: 7 to 10 contractors
    • Cost: N120,000 to N300,000 (varies by location and workforce)
    • Water Quality: Clean and suitable for consumption
  2. Heavy Duty Borehole Drilling Method:
    • Duration: 3 to 7 days
    • Workers: 2 to 3 contractors
    • Cost: N300,000 to N600,000 (depends on location)
    • Water Quality: Superior cleanliness, faster process

Types of Drilling Machines and Their Prices :

  1. Crawler Mounted Well Drilling Rig:
    • Cost: N10 million to N32 million
    • Suitable for muddy areas
  2. Trailer Mounted Well Drilling Rig:
    • Cost: N4 million to N8 million
    • Applicable for air, foam, or mud rotary and percussive drilling
  3. Tricycle Mounted Well Drilling Rig:
    • Cost: N4 million to N7 million
    • Versatile for various water drilling and soil samples
  4. Truck Mounted Well Drilling Rig:
    • Cost: N12 million to N40 million
    • Designed for areas with hard rocks
  5. Water Well Core Drilling Rig:
    • Cost: N8 million to N15 million
    • Ensures effective drilling with high rotary speed

Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Borehole Driller:

  1. Budget:
    • Choose a method within your budget and negotiate prices.
  2. Type of Soil:
    • Consult professionals to assess soil and rock conditions for appropriate drilling methods.
  3. Time Frame:
    • Opt for heavy-duty machines if you need a quick completion, typically within 3 to 4 days.
  4. Drillers’ Reputation:
    • Verify the reputation of the drilling company through past projects to ensure water quality.
  5. Location of Drillers:
    • Local contractors may offer more competitive prices due to reduced equipment movement costs.

Factors That Determine the Price of Borehole Drilling:

  1. Location:
    • Prices vary by region due to logistical considerations.
  2. Type of Borehole Drilling:
    • Manual or heavy-duty methods influence costs.
  3. Accessibility of Water:
    • Ease of access affects the complexity of drilling.
  4. Number of Contractors:
    • Labor costs are influenced by the workforce required.
  5. Electricity:
    • Consider alternative energy sources, such as solar, to mitigate ongoing electricity costs.


Investing in a borehole drilling system in Nigeria is a crucial step towards ensuring consistent water availability. By understanding the various methods, associated costs, and factors influencing prices, individuals and businesses can make informed decisions that align with their needs and budget. Whether opting for manual or heavy-duty drilling, the goal remains the same – accessing clean, reliable water for a sustainable future.

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