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Welcome to our guide on the latest Casio wristwatch prices in Nigeria for 2023! Casio, a multinational electronics manufacturing company, has been a pioneer in the industry since its establishment in 1946. Known for producing innovative products such as digital keyboards, calculators, and label printers, Casio’s wristwatches have particularly gained widespread popularity in Nigeria due to their durability and versatility. In this article, we’ll delve into the current prices of various Casio wristwatch models, helping you make an informed decision when considering these masterpieces for your collection.

Casio’s Rich History:

Founded by the Kashio brothers in 1946, Casio has a rich history of innovation. The four brothers – Tadao, Toshio, Kazuo, and Yukio – combined their unique strengths to create the world’s first compact all-electric calculator, the 14-A, in 1957. This marked the beginning of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., and the company has since become a global leader in electronics.

Why Casio Wristwatches?

Casio wristwatches are renowned for their class, durability, and versatility. Despite being a Japanese brand, Casio has expanded its manufacturing plants to countries like China and Thailand. This global presence ensures that customers in Nigeria can enjoy access to these high-quality timepieces. Now, let’s explore the current prices of Casio wristwatches in Nigeria.

Current Prices of Casio Wristwatches in Nigeria :

Here’s a curated list of popular Casio wristwatch models and their corresponding price ranges in Nigeria:

  1. Casio A168WG-9WDF Illuminator Unisex Digital Alarm Watch: ₦20,700 – ₦25,000
  2. Casio A500WA-1 Men’s Classic Silver-Tone Watch: ₦29,700 – ₦34,000
  3. Casio AE2000W-1AV Men’s Multi-Function Sports Digital Large Size Watch: ₦28,000 – ₦31,000
  4. Casio Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch: ₦18,431 – ₦21,600
  5. Casio Analog Digital World Time 100M With Black Dial Men’s Watch: ₦36,000 – ₦43,000
  6. Casio Analog Ladies Two-Tone Watch: ₦22,450 – ₦30,900
  7. Casio AQ-230A-7BMQ Men’s White Dial Ana-Digi Silver Bracelet Watch: ₦22,900 – ₦28,900
  8. Casio AQ-230GA-9BMQ Unisex Gold Dial Gold Bracelet Watch: ₦31,200 – ₦36,300
  9. Casio AQS810W-1A3V Men’s Tough Solar Illuminator Black Resin Watch: ₦35,800 – ₦40,500
  10. Casio Baby G Women’s Watch: ₦54,000 – ₦61,000


Casio continues to dominate the wristwatch market in Nigeria, offering a diverse range of models to suit different preferences. Whether you’re into the classic analog design or the robust features of a digital sports watch, Casio has something for everyone. Use this comprehensive guide to make an informed decision and find the perfect Casio wristwatch that aligns with your style and budget. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest trends and prices in the world of Casio wristwatches!

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