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Are you looking to dive into the world of premium cable TV in Nigeria? DStv, owned by Multichoice Africa, stands out as a top choice, boasting the highest number of subscribers in Africa. While it’s renowned for being a bit pricier, the quality and exclusive features make it a favorite among entertainment enthusiasts. In this guide, we’ll explore the different DStv decoder options, their prices, and where to purchase them, ensuring you make an informed decision for your entertainment needs.

Where to Buy DStv Decoders in Nigeria:

  1. From DStv: Purchasing directly from the official DStv website offers a secure and convenient option. Online payments and doorstep delivery ensure a smooth transaction and eligibility for enhanced customer service.
  2. From Dealers: DStv dealers are scattered across the country, easily found in electronic markets. If locating one proves challenging, the company’s website provides a “Find Dealer” option for a stress-free search within your vicinity.
  3. From Online Shopping Sites: Explore online shopping platforms like Jumia and Konga for a hassle-free purchase. Simply add your preferred decoder to the cart, provide your shipping details, and make a secure payment. Alternatively, sites like Jiji and Olx require face-to-face transactions with the seller.

DStv Decoder Price List in Nigeria: 1. DStv HD Decoder Price in Nigeria:

  • DStv HD N10,000 – N15,000 (Includes DStv Dish and 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription)
  • DStv HD N14,000 – N18,000 (Includes DStv Dish and 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription)
  • DStv HD N19,000 – N22,000 (Includes DStv Dish and 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription)

2. DStv Explora Cost in Nigeria:

  • DStv Explora Decoder N55,000 – N58,000 (Includes DStv Dish, Smart LNB, and 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription)
  • DStv Explora Decoder N59,000 – N63,000 (Includes DStv Dish, Smart LNB, and 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription)
  • DStv Explora Decoder N64,000 – N68,000 (Includes DStv Dish, Smart LNB, and 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription)

Features of DStv Explora Decoder:

  • DStv Catch Up: Access to on-demand content like sports highlights, movies, and kids’ shows.
  • BoxOffice: Rent blockbuster movies for 48 hours.
  • Program Recording: Record up to 220 hours of programs for later viewing.
  • Pause/Play/Rewind: Enjoy the flexibility of pausing, playing, and rewinding shows.

Things to Consider Before Buying a DStv Decoder:

  1. Need for Such Features: Evaluate whether the advanced features of the Explora decoder align with your entertainment preferences and needs.
  2. Budget: Keep in mind that the Explora decoder is pricier, and installation costs between N5,000 – N10,000 should also be factored into your budget.


As one of the leading cable TV providers in Nigeria and Africa, DStv offers a range of subscription packages tailored to diverse user needs. Despite being on the higher end in terms of cost, the exclusive channels, premium content, and unbeatable features make DStv a top choice for an unparalleled entertainment experience. Whether you opt for the budget-friendly HD decoder or the feature-rich Explora, your investment in DStv promises a world of entertainment at your fingertips.

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