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In recent times, green coffee has emerged as a health and wellness phenomenon, captivating the interest of individuals seeking a natural boost. Beyond its nutrient-rich composition, the surge in popularity prompts the question: How much does green coffee cost in Nigeria today? In this post, we delve into the latest prices and explore the diverse offerings in the Nigerian market.

Green Coffee Prices in Nigeria :

  1. Samira Green Tea with 100 teabags: N6,400 – N7,000
  2. Biogenic Chinese Green Tea (125 grams): N3,200 – N6,000
  3. Leptin Green Coffee 1000 Gold: N6,800 – N9,000
  4. Leptin Green Coffee 1000 Plus: N7,000 – N8,000
  5. Leptin Green Coffee 1000: N6,000 – N7,500
  6. Qualitea Natural Green Tea with 100 teabags: N7,500 – N8,500
  7. Qualitea Natural Green Tea with 25 teabags x2 packs: N6,900 – N9,000
  8. Ahmad Vitality Green Tea 20 teabags: N2,500 – N4,000
  9. Super Blend Green Tea with Orange: N4,500 – N5,500
  10. Twinning Green Tea Pure: N3,200 – N4,000
  11. Ever Green California Green Tea: N5,700 – N6,500

Explaining Green Coffee:

Green coffee is essentially raw coffee that skips the traditional roasting process, remaining in its natural state. The extract from green coffee is widely used as a dietary supplement and can be purchased in whole-bean form for brewing. Notably, green coffee boasts a distinct chemical profile, rich in chlorogenic acids, known for their potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects.

Benefits of Green Coffee:

  1. Facilitates Weight Loss: Green coffee has shown promise in combating obesity by reducing the accumulation of excess fat. Studies on obese mice revealed significant weight loss, and while human studies are ongoing, many users report positive results in weight management.
  2. Aids in Diabetes Treatment: Chlorogenic acid in green coffee exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, impacting blood sugar levels. Regular consumption may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by stimulating insulin secretion.
  3. Regulates Blood Pressure: Chlorogenic acid inhibits cortisol production, a hormone linked to increased blood pressure. Studies on hypertensive rats and humans suggest that green coffee can effectively lower blood pressure levels.
  4. Anti-Ageing Benefits: Green coffee’s antioxidant properties, particularly chlorogenic acid, contribute to slowing down the ageing process. It improves skin properties, reduces dryness, and enhances pH levels on the skin surface.

Side Effects of Green Coffee:

  1. Abnormal increase in blood homocysteine levels.
  2. Excessive consumption may lead to high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, diarrhea, and thinning bones.
  3. Pregnant and nursing women are advised to avoid green coffee due to ongoing studies exploring potential complications.


Green coffee’s growing popularity is not without reason, as it offers a range of health benefits. Understanding its prices, benefits, and potential side effects empowers consumers to make informed choices. Keep in mind that while the listed prices are current, fluctuations can occur, and it’s essential to stay updated on the latest market trends for green coffee in Nigeria.

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