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In many parts of Nigeria, the reliability and availability of water supply remain a significant challenge for households. To address this issue, individuals and families have adopted various methods of sourcing water for domestic use, ranging from traditional river fetching to more advanced borehole systems. Submersible pumping machines have become a popular solution, particularly for deep boreholes. In this blog post, we will explore the key considerations for selecting the right submersible pumping machine in Nigeria, along with an overview of popular brands and their prices.

Understanding Submersible Pumping Machines:

A submersible pumping machine is a powerful pump with a hermetically sealed motor, entirely submerged in water. This type of pump is highly effective for pushing water from deep boreholes to the surface. Unlike surface-type pumps, which pull water from the source, submersible pumps are widely used in various applications, with domestic water systems being the primary use in Nigeria.

Popular Brands and Prices:

Several reputable brands offer submersible pumping machines in Nigeria, catering to different needs and budgets. Some well-known brands include Pedrollo, Interdab, Grundfos, Granac, and SAER. Here is a glimpse of the prices for various submersible pumps as of the latest update in November 2022:

  • Granac 0.5hp: From N54,000
  • Pedrollo 1.5hp: From N220,000
  • Interdab 2hp: From N150,000
  • Grundfos solar pump: From N667,000

Prices may vary based on factors such as brand reputation, power output, coil type, number of wires, durability, and additional features.

Choosing the Right Submersible Pump:

When selecting a submersible pumping machine in Nigeria, it’s crucial to look beyond the price to avoid making the wrong choice. Consult with experienced borehole engineers for insights into the best brands available locally. Consider the power output required for your pump, taking into account the number of water pipes, fixtures, and the individual flow pressure in your facility. Undersized pumps may lead to inadequate performance or frequent repairs.

The depth of your borehole is another critical factor influencing the choice of a submersible pump. Generally, for most residential settings in Nigeria, a 0.5hp pumping machine may suffice, but factors like borehole depth and the number of water fixtures must be carefully considered.


In the quest for a reliable water supply in Nigeria, submersible pumping machines offer a practical solution. By understanding the key factors influencing the choice of a submersible pump, such as power output, borehole depth, and brand reputation, individuals can make informed decisions. Prioritize quality over cost to ensure a long-lasting and efficient water pumping solution for your home, office, or facility.

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