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When it comes to automotive excellence, Honda stands tall with its models exuding a perfect blend of style, durability, and performance. In the heart of Nigeria and beyond, Honda cars, especially the revered Honda Accord, have become a symbol of driving sophistication. Join us as we delve into the discussion surrounding the 2006/2007 Honda Accord – a timeless classic known affectionately as “Discussion Continues.”

The Legacy of the “Discussion Continues”:

The 2006/2007 Honda Accord, affectionately dubbed “Discussion Continues,” remains a benchmark in the world of mid-sized sedans. Its allure doesn’t solely lie in its robust engine, balanced chassis, and captivating styling, but in the harmonious fusion of these elements. Unveiled to an impressed audience, the Nigerian market quickly embraced this model, endowing it with the moniker “Discussion Continues.”

Evolution from “End of Discussion”:

Considered a significant upgrade from the 2003-2005 “End of Discussion” model, the “Discussion Continues” boasts enhanced transmission, greater engine strength, improved chassis balance, and a more appealing style. This model prompted Honda enthusiasts to reconsider their earlier declarations, making it a standout choice for those seeking a sedan or coupe that excels in every aspect.

Tokunbo Prices in Nigeria:

Nigeria’s openness to foreign used cars, known as Tokunbo or Belgium cars, has made the “Discussion Continues” a sought-after gem. Despite fluctuations in exchange rates and customs duties, the Honda Accord maintains a fair price range. Notably, its high resale value underscores its reliability, with prices ranging from 4 million Naira for the 2006 model to 4.2 million Naira for the 2007 version.

Locally Used Options:

The surge in demand for locally used cars in Nigeria is met favorably by the Honda Accord’s robust second-hand market. Factors influencing prices include the car owner’s expectations, engine capacity, transmission type, accident history, and interior condition. On average, a locally used 2006 “Discussion Continues” can be yours for around 1.75 million Naira, offering a budget-friendly alternative.

Key Considerations for Buyers:

To make an informed decision, buyers should consider several factors, including the car’s engine performance, transmission type, and overall condition. The Honda Accord 2006/2007 model underwent a mid-generation refresh, introducing powerful V6 and 4-cylinder engines, along with a hybrid variant. The diverse trims cater to various preferences, ensuring a practical family sedan or an enjoyable midsize car for diverse needs.

Pros and Cons of the “Discussion Continues”: Pros:

  1. Excellent Engine Performance: Powerful 4-cylinder and V6 engines.
  2. Stylish Interior: A roomy and aesthetically pleasing cabin with user-friendly controls.
  3. Well-Balanced Chassis: A reliable companion offering a smooth and comfortable ride.
  4. High Resale Value: Enjoy good returns when parting ways with your “Discussion Continues.”


  1. Disappointing Fuel Economy: Particularly noticeable in the Hybrid sedan variant.
  2. Pricey Higher Trim Levels: While feature-rich, higher trims can stretch the budget.
  3. Awkward Rear Seat Mechanism: Unlocking/folding rear seats may pose challenges.


the Honda Accord 2006/2007, fondly known as “Discussion Continues,” emerges as a timeless choice for those seeking excellence in midsize sedans. With its powerful engines, stylish interior, and high resale value, this model continues to captivate the hearts of Nigerian car enthusiasts. Whether you opt for a Tokunbo or locally used variant, the “Discussion Continues” promises a driving experience that transcends time.

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