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Apapa, a vibrant local government area in Lagos State, Nigeria, is renowned for its bustling port activities, historical significance, and diverse range of accommodations. As a hub of commerce, Apapa attracts a constant stream of visitors, creating a demand for comfortable and affordable lodging. In this blog post, we’ll explore the cost of hotels in Apapa, providing you with a detailed list of options and insights into some popular establishments.

Cost of Hotels in Apapa:

  1. Becfom Hotels: Starting from N6,000 per night
  2. Rockview Hotels Limited (Apapa): Starting from N24,524 per night
  3. Nas Guest House: Starting from N5,700 per night
  4. Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure: Starting from N53,000 per night
  5. Karma Hotel: Starting from N24,000 per night
  6. Exclusive Mansion Hotel: Starting from N5,500 per night
  7. Carliza Hotel: Starting from N33,000 per night
  8. Cynergy Suites: Starting from N12,000 per night
  9. Bana Hotel and Suites: Starting from N17,600 per night
  10. Graziella International Hotel: Starting from N12,000 per night
  11. Etal Hotel and Halls: Starting from N23,275 per night
  12. Tenplus Suite: Starting from N6,500 per night
  13. Command Guest House: Starting from N15,000 per night
  14. De Grove Hotel: Starting from N1,800 per night
  15. Elliot Nass Lodging: Starting from N16,200 per night
  16. Big Fish Restaurant and Bar: Starting from N10,000 per night
  17. Golden Hope Hotel: Starting from N7,500 per night
  18. Ndokwa Entertainment Extension: Starting from N4,700 per night
  19. Tessco International Hotels Limited: Starting from N4,500 per night
  20. New Generation Hotel: Starting from N5,000 per night

Note: While hotel prices are relatively stable, factors such as company policies, government regulations, and seasonal changes may influence rates. We’ll keep this information updated for your convenience.

Popular Hotels in Apapa:

  1. Rockview Hotels Limited
    • Address: 17b, Parklane, Apapa, Lagos

    Rockview Hotels Limited stands out as one of Apapa’s premier hotels, ideal for romantic getaways, business trips, and family vacations. Nestled near the Lagos Port, this four-star hotel boasts elegant architecture, luxurious rooms, and a captivating ambiance. Room amenities include satellite TVs, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and more. Guests can enjoy complimentary breakfast, a well-equipped fitness center, and an onsite restaurant offering both local and international cuisine.


    • Ultramodern fitness center
    • Onsite restaurant
    • Onsite lounge and bar
    • Adequate parking space for guests
  2. Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure
    • Address: Inagbe Island, towards Snake Island, along Apapa Port, Apapa, Lagos.

    Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure offers a serene escape with breathtaking views. Perfect for nature lovers and tourists, the hotel provides various outdoor activities, including boat rides, horse riding, and quad biking. Room categories include Premium, Deluxe, and Standard, featuring beautiful decor, flat-screen TVs, and panoramic windows. Guests can indulge in the onsite restaurant’s delicious delicacies and enjoy facilities like an outdoor swimming pool, spa, and beauty parlor.


    • Outdoor swimming pool
    • Boat ride
    • Horse riding
    • Quad biking
    • Onsite restaurant and bar
    • Beauty parlour
    • Spa
  3. Karma Hotel

    • Address: 17 Burma Road, Apapa, Lagos.

    Recognized for exceptional service, Karma Hotel is strategically located near seaports, making it ideal for business travelers. With well-appointed rooms featuring unique amenities and art decor, the hotel ensures a comfortable stay. Facilities include an onsite bar and lounge, a restaurant, and free Wi-Fi. Conveniently, the hotel is only 20 minutes from Murtala Muhammed International Airport and 25 minutes from Victoria Island.


    • Adequate parking space
    • Onsite restaurant
    • Onsite lounge and bar


Apapa’s dynamic environment and rich history make it a sought-after destination, and its range of hotels caters to diverse needs. Whether you’re on a business trip, a family vacation, or a romantic getaway, Apapa’s hotels offer a variety of options to suit your preferences. Keep in mind that prices are subject to change, and we’ll strive to provide you with the latest updates. Plan your stay in Apapa and experience the blend of historical charm and contemporary comfort.

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