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In Nigeria, the persistent challenge of erratic power supply has prompted individuals and businesses to seek alternative means of power. Among the various options available, generators have become a popular choice, and one brand making waves in the market is Kemage Generators. This post aims to provide valuable insights into Kemage generators, their affordability, and factors to consider when purchasing a generator in Nigeria.

Kemage Generator Prices in Nigeria

Kemage Generators, manufactured in South Korea and exported globally, have gained recognition for their high quality and affordability. To answer the common question of “how much does a Kemage generator cost?”

  1. KEMAGE 12kva Petrol Generator With Remote Control 100% Copper-KM11000E2: From ₦478,000
  2. KEMAGE 3.2kva KM4000E2 Generator H Series 100% Copper Key Starter: From ₦193,600
  3. KEMAGE 3.5KVA KAMAGE GENERATOR KM4000E2 100% Copper Key Starter: From ₦200,000
  4. KEMAGE 4.5KVA Kemage Manual Starter Power Generator- KM4000: From ₦155,000
  5. KEMAGE 4.5kva Key Starter Power Generator- 100% Copper: From ₦185,000
  6. KEMAGE 4.5Kva Manual Starter Generator- 100% Copper KM4000: From ₦155,000
  7. KEMAGE 4000E2 4.5kva Key Starter Power Generator- 100% Copper: From ₦290,000
  8. KEMAGE 5.5KVA KAMAGE GENERATOR KM4000E2 100% Copper Key Starter: From ₦220,000
  9. KEMAGE GENERATOR 5.5kva Key Start- KM-5800E2: From ₦190,000
  10. KEMAGE Generator 10.5kva Petrol Engine KM11000: From ₦415,000
  11. KEMAGE Generator With Remote Control 8.5kva Petrol Engine: From ₦420,000
  12. KEMAGE Key Starter Generator 8.5kva Petrol Engine: From ₦400,000
  13. KEMAGE Manual Starter Power Generator- KM4000: From ₦190,000
  14. KEMAGE Remote Control Generator 10.5kva Petrol Engine: From ₦420,000
  15. KEMAGE REMOTE CONTROL Generator 10.5kva Petrol Engine: From ₦420,000
  16. KEMAGE Remote Control 10.5kva Petrol Engine: From ₦420,000

Factors to Consider When Buying a Generator in Nigeria

Generators have become essential in Nigeria, but making an informed purchase requires careful consideration of several factors:

  1. Power Needs: Understand the total wattage required to run your appliances and calculate both maximum and rated output. Add a 10% buffer for safety.
  2. Quietness: Consider noise levels, especially if you’re in an area with noise restrictions. Look for generators meeting the industry standard of 70 dB(A) at 23 feet.
  3. Fuel Consumption: Opt for a fuel-efficient generator if you plan to run it for extended periods, reducing long-term fuel expenses.
  4. Purchase and Maintenance Costs: Find a balance between the initial purchase cost and ongoing maintenance expenses. Some generators may have low upfront costs but high maintenance fees.


Kemage Generators offer a reliable and affordable solution to Nigeria’s power supply challenges. By considering factors such as power needs, noise levels, fuel consumption, and overall costs, individuals and businesses can make informed decisions when purchasing a generator. Stay empowered and ensure a seamless power supply with Kemage Generators.

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