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In the ever-evolving world of kitchen appliances, Maxi has solidified its standing as a global powerhouse, particularly in Nigeria. Renowned for producing reliable and durable products, Maxi has become synonymous with quality in the kitchen appliance market. From tabletop gas cookers to high-tech heavy-duty models with built-in ovens, Maxi gas cookers consistently deliver excellence.

Maxi Gas Cooker Prices in Nigeria

Affordable Quality for Every Kitchen

Maxi gas cookers offer a perfect blend of affordability and quality. While some of their latest models may come with a higher price tag, others remain budget-friendly without compromising on value. The range in prices is influenced by factors such as size, number of burners, additional features, and overall functionality.

Widely Embraced in Nigeria

Nigerians, known for their appreciation of quality, have warmly embraced Maxi gas cookers. In a market with numerous options, Maxi stands out as one of the most sought-after and highly-rated brands. The ease of use, safety features, and durability make Maxi gas cookers a popular choice among consumers.

Prices of Maxi Gas Cookers in Nigeria

  1. Maxi Table Top Gas Cooker (2 burners):
    • Price Range: N14,500 – N25,000
  2. Maxi Table Top Gas Cooker (3 burners):
    • Price Range: N15,000 – N30,000
  3. Maxi Gas Cooker 5050 4 Burners:
    • Price Range: N54,500 – N90,000
  4. Maxi Gas Cooker 5050 3 Burner with 1 electric cooker:
    • Price Range: N86,500 – N124,500
  5. Maxi 60 * 90 gas cooker (5 gas burners):
    • Price Range: N216,720 – N230,000

Why Choose Maxi Gas Cookers?

1. Safety First

Safety is a top priority with Maxi gas cookers. Equipped with features that control flame failure and ensure user safety, their latest models are designed with user well-being in mind.

2. Variety to Suit Every Need

Maxi offers a diverse range of gas cookers, catering to different sizes and grades. Whether you’re looking for a tabletop cooker or a larger model with multiple burners, Maxi has you covered.

3. User-Friendly Design

Setting up and using Maxi gas cookers is a breeze. Clear controls, straightforward labels, and features like auto-ignition and timers make them accessible to users without the need for special training.

4. Durability for Long-Term Use

Maxi gas cookers are built to last. If you’re in search of a reliable appliance that will serve you for an extended period, a Maxi gas cooker should be at the top of your list.

5. Affordable Excellence

Despite their quality, Maxi gas cookers remain affordable. Offering value for money, these cookers prove that excellence in the kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank.


Maxi gas cookers have rightfully earned their place as a top choice for consumers in Nigeria and beyond. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or a household in need of a dependable kitchen companion, Maxi gas cookers are designed to meet your needs with safety, variety, user-friendliness, durability, and affordability in mind. Explore the world of Maxi gas cookers and elevate your cooking experience today!



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