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Bathtubs, a timeless element of bathrooms, have evolved significantly over the years, offering a diverse range of designs, qualities, and sizes. This guide provides insights into the types of bathtubs available in Nigeria, helping you make an informed decision on your next purchase. Additionally, we’ve included a list of popular bathtub designs and their prices, along with reputable stores where you can buy them.

Types of Bathtubs:

  1. Basic Alcove Tub:

    • Rectangular shape, embedded in the wall with 3 sides enclosed.
    • Often accompanied by a wall-mounted shower.
    • Available in different sizes, depths, and materials, influencing the price.
  2. Drop-in Tub:

    • Similar to the alcove tub but designed for easy placement in a frame.
    • Features a rim at the top for attachment to the frame.
    • Flexible, spacious, and easy to maintain.
  3. Clawfoot Tub:

    • Distinctive design with elevated feet.
    • Feet can be replaced with different colors or designs.
    • Generally more expensive due to solid construction and appealing designs.
  4. Freestanding Tub:

    • Finished appearance on all sides, standing alone without the need for a frame.
    • Available in various designs, including angled, oval, rectangular, and pedestal freestanding tubs.
  5. Corner Tub:

    • Fitted to one corner or edge of the bathroom, ideal for space management.
    • Comes in different styles such as clove, drop-in, and freestanding.

Bathtub Designs and Prices in Nigeria:

  • Ideal Standard Emo Panel Bathtub: N80,000 – N90,000
  • Ideal Standard Freestanding Bathtub: N390,000 – N400,000
  • Jacuzzi Massage Corner Tub: N400,000 – N500,000
  • Jacuzzi Massage Tub: N600,000 – N700,000
  • Whirlpool Bath Tub Shower Model Montecarlo: N700,000 – N800,000
  • Executive Panel Bathtub: N85,000 – N90,000
  • Fiber Bath Tub with Bath Mixer & Waste: N30,000 – N40,000
  • Blue Double Jacuzzi: N300,000 – N400,000
  • Nismad Common Rectangular Bath Tub: N20,000 – N30,000
  • Panel Bath Tub with Concealed Sub Frame Iron Legs: N50,000 – N60,000
  • Bath Tub – Massage Tub: N300,000 – N400,000
  • X Dream Bath Tub – Victorian Style Artistic Bathtub: N300,000 – N400,000
  • Aston Acrylic ABS Bathtub: N350,000 – N450,000

Where to Buy a Bathtub in Nigeria:

  1. Frakem.com

    • A customer-focused online store offering a variety of building and home improvement materials.
    • Products include bathtubs, water tanks, pipes, kitchen gadgets, and more.
  2. Baron Bathrooms

    • Specializes in bathtubs, bathroom fittings, and related products.
    • Contact them for product prices and quotes.
  3. Hog Furniture

    • An online store selling homewares and furniture since 2009.
    • Offers the option to pay online or on delivery.


Choosing the right bathtub involves considering the type, design, and budget. This guide not only outlines the popular types and designs but also provides price ranges to help you make an informed decision. When ready to purchase, explore reputable stores like Frakem.com, Baron Bathrooms, and Hog Furniture for a seamless buying experience.

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