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In recent times, POP (Plaster of Paris) ceilings have emerged as a favored choice for households seeking a blend of durability and bespoke design. While PVC ceilings offer a more budget-friendly option, the superior aesthetics and longevity of POP ceilings justify the higher price tag. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of POP ceilings, discussing their advantages, disadvantages, and the cost landscape in Nigeria.

Understanding POP Ceilings:

POP ceilings are crafted from a mixture of POP powder and water, applied onto chicken nets for mechanical strength. The process involves attaching the chicken net to a local metal framing system, treating, and drying the entire structure—a meticulous endeavor taking approximately a month. Besides POP, Gypsum board stands out as another false ceiling option with comparable perfection, albeit with easier installation.

Advantages of a POP Ceiling:

  1. Heat Insulation and Fire Resistance: POP ceilings boast excellent heat insulating properties and resistance to fire, ensuring safety and comfort.
  2. Low Thermal Conductivity: With low thermal conductivity, POP ceilings contribute to energy efficiency in homes.
  3. Decorative Finish: Offering a decorative finish, POP surpasses PVC ceilings in terms of aesthetic appeal.
  4. Durability: Despite the higher cost, POP ceilings are more durable than PVC alternatives, providing a lasting investment.

Disadvantages of a POP Ceiling:

  1. Cost: POP ceilings are pricier compared to cement and PVC ceilings.
  2. Suitability: Not universally suitable for all houses, requiring careful consideration of a property’s compatibility.

Cost of POP Ceiling in Nigeria:

The cost of a POP ceiling varies among contractors, influenced by factors such as transportation, season, and site location. On average, contractors charge between N3,000 to N5,000 per square meter. For a standard-sized room, this could translate to a total cost of up to N50,000.

POP Ceiling Designers and Dealers in Nigeria:

For those looking to transform their spaces with POP ceilings, here is a list of reputable dealers and installers in Nigeria:

  1. Kelvin Kleen Interiors Limited

    • Location: Zango, Katsina State, Nigeria
    • Contact: +234 708 3000 725
  2. Ashmark Global Limited

    • Location: Lekki Phase 2, Lagos State, Nigeria
    • Website: ashmarkglobal.com
    • Contact: +234 813 5262 652
  3. Majo Xclusive

    • Location: Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
    • Contact: +234 803 4841 095
  4. Ahdak Nig Ltd

    • Location: Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
    • Contact: +234 802 3270 525
  5. Ayomide Abass

    • Location: Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
    • Contact: +234 803 0667 053
  6. EMATECH Enterprises

    • Location: Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria
    • Contact: +234 703 5071 356
  7. Muyiwa Richard

    • Location: Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria
    • Contact: +234 809 2888 885
  8. Oladayo

    • Location: Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
    • Contact: +234 803 2082 301
  9. MCC

    • Location: Abule Ijesha, Lagos State, Nigeria
    • Contact: +234 817 6699 785
  10. Sylvester Pascal

    • Location: Kaduna South Kaduna State, Nigeria
    • Contact: +234 806 7992 859


As the demand for sophisticated interior solutions grows, POP ceilings stand out as an investment in both style and substance. While considering the cost, it’s essential to weigh the benefits of durability, aesthetics, and fire resistance that POP ceilings bring to your living space. With a plethora of skilled POP designers and installers in Nigeria, transforming your home has never been more accessible. Choose elegance, choose POP ceilings.

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