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Quenching your thirst on a sunny day just got a whole lot more exciting with the delightful world of slushies! Starting a slush-making business in Nigeria can be a lucrative venture, and we’re here to guide you through the process. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of slush making machines available in the Nigerian market, detailing their specifications and prices.

  1. 2 Bowls Margarita Slush Machine Slushie Machine With LED Light Lids – N265,000 – N300,000

    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Core Components: Embraco compressor
    • Condition: New
    • Voltage: 220
    • Power: 700
    • Weight: 45
    • Certification: CE ISO9001
    • Capacity: 30 Liters

    This sleek and efficient slush machine comes with LED light lids, adding a vibrant touch to your slush-selling business. With a one-year warranty and a 30-liter capacity, it’s perfect for meeting the demands of a sunny day crowd.

  2. KERUI hot style cheap slush machine XRJ15*3 – N147,900 – N291,700

    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Core Components: Engine
    • Condition: New
    • Voltage: 220-240V/50-60hz,110-120V/60hz
    • Power: 700W
    • Net Weight: 62kg
    • Certification: CE, RoHS, FOOD CERTIFICATION
    • Material: ABS and stainless steel

    Offering affordability without compromising quality, the KERUI slush machine is a hot favorite. With a powerful motor, it’s perfect for turning out delicious slushies at a price that won’t break the bank.

  3. Double tanks commercial frozen drink ice slush machine – N215,000 – N360,000

    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Core Components: PLC
    • Condition: New
    • Voltage: 220V
    • Power: 850W
    • Weight: 40KG
    • Certification: CE
    • Capacity: 12L*2

    For those looking to offer variety, this double-tank slush machine is the answer. With a 12-liter capacity for each tank, it’s ideal for serving up multiple flavors to cater to diverse tastes.

  4. 15L 3 Bowls Commercial Slush Machine Slushy Machine Granita Slush Machine – N299,000 – N332,000

    • Voltage: 110V/60HZ, 220V/50,60HZ
    • Power: 800W
    • Weight: 60KG
    • Certification: CE
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Tank Capacity: 15L*3

    Designed for commercial use, this slush machine boasts a 15-liter capacity per bowl, making it perfect for satisfying the thirst of a bustling crowd. With a stainless steel body, it ensures durability and easy maintenance.

  5. Commercial Slush Machine Industrial Slush Machine Frozen Drink Machine – N143,000 – N320,400

    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Core Components: Motor
    • Condition: New
    • Voltage: 220V
    • Power: 500W
    • Weight: 52KG
    • Certification: CE
    • Tank Capacity: 15L

    This industrial-grade slush machine is built for heavy-duty use. With a powerful motor and a 15-liter tank capacity, it’s a reliable choice for those aiming to serve a large volume of slushies.

  6. SPACE commercial slush machine slush granita machine for sale SC-3 – N205,420 – N369,700

    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Core Components: Gearbox
    • Condition: New
    • Voltage: 220V
    • Power: 900W
    • Weight: 70KG
    • Certification: CE, ISO9001
    • Capacity: 36 Liters

    The SPACE commercial slush machine offers a whopping 36-liter capacity, making it suitable for high-demand situations. With independent control features, it provides flexibility in serving different flavors.

  7. Home use small puppy ice slush machine – N133,000 – N214,000

    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Core Components: PLC, Motor
    • Condition: New
    • Voltage: 220v
    • Power: 300w
    • Weight: 22kg
    • Capacity: 5L

    Perfect for home use, this compact slush machine is a great addition to any household. With a 5-liter capacity, it’s suitable for creating refreshing slushies for family and friends.


Embark on your slush-making business journey with the perfect machine for your needs. Whether you’re catering to a large crowd or simply enjoying slushies at home, the diverse options in the Nigerian market ensure there’s a machine for everyone. Remember to check with local vendors for the most accurate pricing in your area. Cheers to cool and delicious slushies!

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