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In recent years, Nigeria has faced a significant challenge with the escalating prices of petrol (PMS) and diesel, the primary fuels for regular generators. Coupled with a decline in the power supply, citizens are seeking alternative, cost-effective solutions. The emergence of solar generators in the Nigerian market offers a promising avenue for reliable and sustainable energy. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the prices of some popular solar generators gaining rapid popularity in the country.

Solar Generator Prices in Nigeria:

As the demand for solar generators rises, various brands are thriving in the market. Understanding the prices of these generators is crucial for informed decision-making. Let’s take a closer look at the features and costs of some notable solar generators available:

  1. BOSCON Solar Power Generator With Inbuilt Lithium Battery – Pure Sine And Solar Panel – 400Watts – From N230,000:
    • 1 solar panel
    • 1 AC charger and adapter
    • 1 solar generator
    • Inverter capacity – 400 watts
    • Output voltage – 230v AC, 12V DC, 5V
    • Battery capacity – 100AH
  2. BOSCON 1220W – 20W DC Solar Generator With FM Radio – From N85,000:
    • 1 Solar panel 20Wp with 5M cable
    • Metal power box (Built-in 12AH lead-acid battery and control circuit)
    • FM Radio and MP3 Player
    • Charging time – 12 to 14 hours
    • Lighting time – 6 hours (4 LED bulbs)
  3. Qasa Solar QPG-1000 Solar Power Generator plus Battery 200ah 30v AC, 12V DC – From N460,000:
    • Pure sine wave
    • Inverter capacity: 600 watts
    • Battery capacity: 200ah
    • Output voltage: 230v AC, 12v DC, 5v DC
    • AC charging current: 8a – 15a
    • Recommended solar panel: 200 watts/18v*2
  4. Qasa Solar Power Generator QPS–1000 And QSP–200W18V Battery – From N375,000:
    • Inverter Capacity: 600w battery
    • Battery Capacity: 200ah
    • Output voltage: 230v AC, 12v DC, 5v DC/AC
    • Charging current: 8a – 15a
    • Recommended solar panel: 200w/18v*2
  5. UAPOW 1000 watts Portable Solar Power Generator – From N500,000:
    • 270,000mAH battery capacity
    • Pure sine wave power station energy storage
    • Rechargeable lithium battery
    • Outdoor UPS
    • Three-way charging system
  6. Qasa Solar Power Generator QPG-500 – From N264,000:
    • Pure sine wave
    • Inverter Capacity: 300W
    • Battery capacity: 70Ah
    • Solar panel: 100W/18V
    • Working time: Load 100 Watts for 7 hours, Load 200 Watts for 3.4 hours, Load 300 Watts for 1.7 hours.
  7. SMS Solar Generator – From N85,000:
    • LED Lamp: 12V-3W x 3pc & 12v-5w x 3pc
    • Radio Play: (MP3 and Radio/Speaker)
    • DC Charging time: 9 Hours
    • Mobile Charging: Available


The presented solar generators offer a diverse range of options catering to various energy needs. These prices, sourced from a survey of both online and offline stores, provide a general overview. It’s important to note that slight variations may occur based on specific factors.

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