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Weddings in Nigeria are renowned for their grandeur, and the bride’s attire takes center stage as a major highlight of these spectacular events. As a prospective bride, navigating the myriad styles and prices of wedding gowns can be a daunting task. Fear not, as we delve into the enchanting world of wedding gown styles, fabric choices, and their corresponding prices in Nigeria.

Exploring Popular Wedding Gown Styles:

Nigerian brides often gravitate towards timeless styles such as Greek, Mermaid, and Ball gowns, each infused with distinct fabrics like lace, organza, and tulle. The luxurious allure of lace comes in various types, including Chantilly, Alencon, Venetian, Schiffli, Guipure, and Eyelet lace.

Style Variations:

For those desiring a hint of allure, options like open shoulders or deflated sleeves offer a tasteful display of skin. The mermaid style, when combined with a daring leg cut, creates a spectacular look. Modern innovations include 3D effects, such as embedding fluttering butterflies or adorning dresses with vibrant flowers.

Noteworthy Designs:

Beyond sophistication, some brides opt for simplicity with dresses made of crepe, taffeta, or silk shantung. The pearl shine of heavy satin fabrics can result in a beautifully uncomplicated wedding dress. Applique embroidery allows designers to stitch small fabric pieces into larger ones, while beading and 3D effects add opulence.

Unique Styles:

Brides in Nigeria express their individuality with unconventional choices, including pantsuits and skirts paired with traditional fabrics like chiffon or guipure lace.

Wedding Gown Prices in Nigeria:

  1. Mermaid Gown:

    • Beaded or applique mermaid gown: N25,000 – N55,000
    • Off Shoulder Ball Gown With Bow: N90,000
    • Off Shoulder Floor Length Beaded Ball Wedding Dress: N380,000
    • Lace Ball Wedding Gown With Sleeves And Train: N100,000
    • Multi Layered Full Ball Wedding Gown: N70,000
    • Mermaid Wedding Gown With Detachable Skirt: N120,000
    • Luxury Wedding Dress: N200,000
    • Off-Shoulder Ball Gown With Pearls & Stones: N148,000
    • Off-white Detachable Mermaid Wedding Dress With Sleeves: N180,000
    • Off Shoulder Wedding Ball Gown With Sequence And Applique: N65,000
    • Luxury Mermaid Wedding Gown: N180,000
  2. Ball Gown:

    • Various styles ranging from N60,000 to N70,000
    • Dashing Long Sleeves Ball Dress With Train: N455,000
    • Dazzling Long Sleeves Ball Gown With Train: N160,000
    • Empire Luxury Wedding Gown in Lagos: N360,000
    • Appliquéd Bodice Ball Wedding Gown: N60,000
    • Beautiful Luxury Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Ball Wedding Dress: N380,000
    • Dazzling Ball Wedding Dress With Glitter Stone: N125,000
    • Lovely Luxury Ball Gown Wedding dress: N550,000
    • White Satin Wedding gown: N90,000
    • Sparkling Floor Length Ball Gown With Sequence: N60,000
  3. A-line Gown:

    • Beaded bodice A-line gown: N65,000

Choosing Your Perfect Gown:

Whether opting for a customized outfit from a fashion designer or purchasing a pre-made gown from shops or online, brides have diverse options. Prices vary based on customization levels and designer choices, with simple lace long sleeve fitted wedding gowns starting at an affordable N25,000.


Navigating the enchanting world of Nigerian wedding gowns involves finding the perfect style that resonates with your individuality. From timeless classics to modern innovations, the plethora of choices ensures every bride discovers the gown that makes her feel truly special on her big day.

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