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Welcome to the world of beauty, where Zikel Cosmetics stands as a beacon of quality and variety. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll guide you through the diverse range of cosmetics offered by Zikel, ensuring you’re well-informed about the prices and products that cater to your beauty needs.

Face Category:

  1. ZIKEL X TONTOLET (FACE & BODY GLOW): Illuminate your beauty with this radiant glow – starting from ₦4,500.00.
  2. BLUSH PALLET – Glamorous 16 Color Blush Bronzer and Powder Pallet: Add a touch of glam for ₦5,000.00.
  3. POWDER PALLET (Mini) Holy Grail: Experience the flawless finish for ₦6,500.00.

Eyes Category:

  1. Zikel Seun Williams Eyeshadow Pallet: Create mesmerizing eyes for ₦3,000.00.
  2. ZIKEL 14 COLOR NUDE EYESHADOW: Embrace natural beauty with this palette at ₦3,000.00.
  3. Zikel Brow Silk – Styling Cream – Long Lasting Makeup – Brow Gel: Perfect your brows for ₦3,000.00.

Lips Category:

  1. ZIKEL X BREGHA (LUSCIOUS LIPGLAZE): Shine with luscious lips starting from ₦1,500.00.
  2. Zikel Luxury Matte Lipstick: Elevate your look with luxury for ₦1,900.00.
  3. ZIKEL NUDES LIPGLOSS: Embrace nude beauty with this gloss for ₦1,000.00.

Skin Category:

  1. ZIKEL FACIAL TREATMENT (ESSENCE WATER): Pamper your skin at ₦3,500.00.
  2. Zikel Golden Eye Mask Paste – Anti-Aging Formula: Rejuvenate with gold-infused goodness for ₦4,000.00.


  1. ZIKEL CLEAR PVC COSMETICS BAG – Multipurpose PVC Bag: Stay organized in style for ₦5,000.00.
  2. ZIKEL PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP CHAIR: Elevate your makeup experience with this chair at ₦55,000.00.
  3. 25 Set Professional BRUSH (Red): Perfect your makeup with professional brushes for ₦11,500.00.


Zikel Cosmetics offers a diverse array of beauty products designed to enhance your natural radiance. From face to eyes, lips to skin, and even accessories, Zikel has you covered. Explore the world of beauty with Zikel Cosmetics and let your inner glow shine.

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