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Augmentin has emerged as a widely sought-after antibiotic in Nigeria, tackling various bacterial infections reported by patients. In this blog post, we delve into the cost of Augmentin in Nigeria, how to use it effectively, possible side effects, and essential precautions for users.

Cost of Augmentin in Nigeria:

Augmentin is easily accessible in Nigeria, coming in different milligrams, packs, and sachets. The average price ranges from N3,600 to N5,000, depending on milligram strength and the number of capsules in each pack or sachet. Here’s a breakdown of estimated costs for various milligrams :

  • 1000 mg (pack of 14 tablets): N5,500 – N6,000
  • 625 mg (pack of 14 tablets): N4,700 – N5,000

How to Use Augmentin:

For optimal use, it’s crucial to shake the bottle well before measuring the dose with the provided special spoon. The drug should be taken with a meal or snack as prescribed by the doctor, typically every 8 or 12 hours depending on the product. Patients are advised to maintain a consistent schedule and complete the full prescribed quantity, even if symptoms improve before the course ends.

Possible Side Effects:

While side effects vary from person to person, common ones include diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. Patients experiencing persistent or worsening effects should promptly inform their healthcare provider. Rare but serious side effects such as dark urine, severe stomach pain, and signs of infection should be reported immediately. Additionally, a severe allergic reaction is rare but requires urgent medical attention if symptoms like rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing occur.


Before using Augmentin, individuals should disclose any allergies, especially to amoxicillin, clavulanic acid, penicillin, or cephalosporin antibiotics. It’s important to inform healthcare providers about medical history, including liver and kidney diseases. Patients with phenylketonuria (PKU) should be aware that Augmentin may contain aspartame, necessitating adjustments in their diet.


Augmentin’s popularity in Nigeria is a testament to its efficacy in treating bacterial infections. Understanding its cost, proper usage, potential side effects, and necessary precautions is essential for users. If you experience any unusual symptoms or have concerns, consult your healthcare provider promptly. This comprehensive guide aims to provide valuable information for those considering or currently using Augmentin in Nigeria.

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