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When it comes to delectable yogurt options in Nigeria, Habib Yogurt and Fura stands out as a popular and beloved choice. Renowned for its high-quality products made from natural ingredients, this brand offers a variety of mouth-watering yogurts in different package sizes. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the prices, health benefits, and a few cautions associated with Habib Yogurt, providing valuable insights for consumers.

Habib Yogurt Price List:

  1. Habib Yogurt Pet Bottle: From N900
  2. Habib Yogurt 330ml: From N1,300
  3. Habib Yogurt 500ml: From N1,600
  4. Habib Yogurt 550ml: From N1,800
    • Vanilla Flavour
    • Strawberry Flavour
    • Banana Flavour
    • Unsweetened
  5. Habib Yogurt One liter: From N2,800
  6. Habib Yogurt Two liters: From N4,800

Health Benefits of Habib Yogurt:

Habib Yogurt is more than just a delicious treat; it’s a nutritional powerhouse. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, here are some health benefits associated with consuming this natural yogurt:

  1. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals: Supports teeth and bone health, provides immunity against coronary illnesses, and reduces the risk of neural tube birth defects.
  2. High Protein Content: Aids digestion, adds healthy calories to your diet, and regulates hunger through hormone influence.
  3. Reinforces the immune system: Daily consumption helps fortify your immune system, reducing inflammation and lowering the risk of health issues like the common cold.
  4. Protects against osteoporosis: Essential nutrients like vitamin D, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium safeguard bones, especially in older adults.

Cautions Regarding Habib Yogurt:

While Habib Yogurt offers numerous health benefits, it’s important to exercise caution in certain situations:

  1. Lactose intolerance: Individuals lacking sufficient lactase should avoid yogurt to prevent digestive side effects like diarrhea and stomach upset.
  2. Milk allergy: Some people are allergic to milk, and yogurt products containing casein may trigger adverse reactions ranging from swelling to hypersensitivity and hives.

Should a Pregnant Woman Consume Habib Yogurt?

Absolutely! Habib Yogurt is considered safe for pregnant women, offering rich probiotics and essential nutrients that promote healthy growth and development of the baby. It helps maintain healthy vaginal and gut flora, preventing and treating recurrent infections. The calcium content contributes to the baby’s strong teeth and bones. While side effects are rare, pregnant women should consult a physician if they notice anything unusual.


Habib Yogurt emerges not only as a delicious and varied yogurt brand but also as a health-conscious choice. With its natural ingredients and numerous health benefits, it’s a delightful addition to your diet. Always be mindful of personal health conditions and allergies, and savor the goodness of Habib Yogurt responsibly.

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