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In recent times, makeup has become an essential part of every modern woman’s routine, evolving from a daily must-do into a source of income for many. The makeup industry is booming, with businesses thriving and countless products flooding the market. Navigating this vibrant world of cosmetics, however, can be overwhelming, especially for those on a budget. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive guide to makeup kits, their prices, and essential products in Nigeria.

The Importance of Makeup Kits

Makeup kits have transcended being a personal necessity; they’ve become a lucrative business opportunity and a must-have for special events and occasions. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or considering entering the makeup business, investing in quality makeup kits and organizing them efficiently is crucial.

 Understanding the Makeup Market in Nigeria

The makeup market is dynamic and diverse, offering a plethora of products with varying brands and prices. Quality and brand recognition play significant roles in determining the cost of makeup kits. It’s essential to have a basic understanding of the prices before delving into the market.

Makeup Boxes & Prices in Nigeria

For makeup artists, a professional makeup box is the first investment. These boxes come in various sizes, materials, and types. On average, a medium-sized makeup box costs around N12,000, while larger ones can go for over N30,000. Factors such as currency exchange rates and the place and time of purchase contribute to the price variations.

Makeup Brush Sets & Prices in Nigeria

Makeup brush sets are indispensable for makeup artists and enthusiasts. Professional brush sets, often made from high-quality animal hair, can cost around N2,000 on average, depending on the material and the number of brushes in the set.

Eye Pencils & Prices in Nigeria

Eye pencils are essential for creating captivating looks. These pencils, available in various colors, can be purchased for around N500, depending on factors like type, size, and quality.

Concealers & Prices in Nigeria

Concealers play a vital role in covering imperfections and achieving an even complexion. On average, concealers can be purchased for around N1,500, offering versatility in addressing various skin issues.

Foundation & Prices in Nigeria

A good foundation is the key to flawless makeup. Foundations are available in various types and levels, with prices starting from N3,000, depending on the type and quality.

Mascara & Prices in Nigeria

Mascaras come in different types and shapes, catering to various preferences. Prices typically start from N1,500, influenced by the type and quality of the product.

Brow Gel & Prices in Nigeria

Brow gel, crucial for brow support and enhancement, can cost around N2,500, depending on the brand and quality.


Navigating the world of makeup in Nigeria involves understanding the diverse range of products and their corresponding prices. Investing in quality makeup kits and essential products not only enhances personal grooming but also opens doors to potential business opportunities. Stay informed, choose wisely, and let your makeup journey be as glamorous as the looks you create.

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