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In the ever-evolving landscape of the paint industry, emerging brands often bring a breath of fresh air with innovative perspectives. Revano Classic Paints, a relatively new entrant in Nigeria, is carving its niche by offering a diverse range of products that cater to various needs and aesthetics.

Revano Classic Paints’ Affordable Range in Nigeria

Revano Classic Paints strikes a balance between quality and cost, presenting a competitive pricing range within the Nigerian market. This ensures accessibility for customers with different budgets, allowing them to achieve high-end finishes without breaking the bank. While prices may vary slightly based on location, the overall affordability of Revano Classic makes it an attractive option.

Exploring Revano Classic’s Unique Offerings

Revano Chess Revano Chess provides an intriguing metallic finish for interior decor, featuring a nacre structure velvet effect. Water-based in its wet form, it transforms into a glossy finish when dried. This non-toxic option adds a distinctive texture to interiors, captivating viewers with its unique appeal.

Revano Basilica Similar to Chess, Basilica offers a metallic finish with interweaving patterns. This water-based paint boasts a nacre structure velvet effect, translating to a glossy finish when dried. Not only does it add a sophisticated touch to any space, but it’s also a safe choice for human health.

Revano Stucco Known for its high glossy decorative finish, Revano Stucco is a technological marvel that mimics granites and marbles on walls and ceilings. With a pure mineral finish, it ensures UV resistance over time, promising a timeless luxurious appearance.

Revano Trade – Vinyl Silk For spaces prone to moisture or high traffic, Revano Trade Vinyl Silk is an optimal choice. Its soft-sheen, non-porous, waterproof finish makes it highly durable and ideal for areas that might need occasional wiping.

Travertino Emulating the natural stone travertine, Travertino is a copolymer, quartz, and lime mixed paint. Stylishly luxurious, it offers strength and moisture-proof attributes, presenting a strong vapor-permeable finish.

Locmeris Premium Matt A top-tier finish for both interior and exterior decorations, Locmeris Premium Matt contains anti-fungi components that guard against algae growth, ensuring walls retain their pristine look.

Revano Skimming Putty Ready to use and based on copolymer and dolomite, Revano Skimming Putty is designed for skimming interior and exterior walls. It also helps prevent and seal cracks, providing a receptive substrate for paints and coatings.


Revano Classic Paints emerges as a brand that seamlessly combines innovation, quality, and aesthetics. With offerings ranging from luxurious metallic finishes to practical solutions for high-traffic areas, it caters to diverse needs and tastes.

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