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Welcome to the world of Hawaii Soaps – the beauty secret that’s taking the cosmetic market by storm! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the benefits, prices, and everything you need to know about Hawaii Soaps to help you make an informed decision for your skincare routine.

Why Hawaii Soaps Are So Popular:

Hawaii soaps have gained immense popularity for their gentle care on the skin, catering to various skin types. Among the lineup, the Hawaii Papaya Calamansi steals the spotlight, formulated with a perfect blend of Papaya, Calamansi, and Songyi Mushroom extracts. The Calamansi extract naturally whitens the skin, while Papaya extract delicately exfoliates, leaving your skin softer, whiter, and smoother.

Understanding the Price Range:

Curious about the cost? Hawaii soaps come in different types and package sizes. Generally priced from N1,000, the Hawaii Papaya Calamansi beauty soap is a popular choice. For those seeking a touch of luxury, the Hawaii Herbal Gold Soap, priced around N1,500, offers an extra pampering experience. Buying in bulk is a savvy move – a pack of three can be as affordable as N2,500, giving you more value for your money.

Where to Find Hawaii Soaps:

Convenience is key! Hawaii soaps are readily available across Nigeria. Whether you prefer a physical store or the ease of online shopping, cosmetic and skincare outlets nationwide and various e-commerce channels have got you covered.

Ingredients for Radiant Skin:

Ever wondered what makes Hawaii Soaps so effective? Let’s break down the key ingredients:

Hawaii Papaya Calamansi Soap:

  • Papaya extract: Removes dead skin cells, brightens, and hydrates.
  • Calamansi extract: A natural skin whitening agent.
  • Songyi Mushroom Extract: Anti-inflammatory properties for treating acne and irritations.
  • Symmolient and Symwhite Plus: Moisturizing and skin whitening agents.
  • Vitamin E and C: Antioxidants that boost the skin’s immune system and promote healing.

Hawaii Carrot Herbal Soap:

  • Carrot extract: Rich in beta-carotene for a fresh and youthful appearance.
  • Apricot Exfoliators: Aids in skin whitening through gentle exfoliation.
  • Symmolient and Symwhite Plus: Moisturizing and skin whitening agents.
  • Vitamin E and C: Antioxidants for immune system support and quick skin healing.

Benefits of Hawaii Soaps:

  1. Acne Relief: Witness relief from acne-prone skin as Hawaii soaps effectively clear spots and reduce breakouts.
  2. Exfoliation: Especially true for Hawaii Papaya Calamansi, the papain enzyme aids in exfoliating the skin, resulting in a smoother and softer feel. Regular use can brighten and even out skin tone.

Considerations and Possible Side Effects:

While Hawaii soaps are predominantly natural, it’s crucial to remember that skin sensitivity varies. Prior to regular use, perform a patch test to ensure compatibility. In rare cases of discomfort, such as swelling, bumps, or itching, discontinue use. Those allergic to papaya should exercise caution.


Hawaii Soaps are not just skincare products; they are a journey to radiant, healthy skin. Elevate your skincare routine with the goodness of nature and the reliability of Hawaii Soaps – your key to unlocking the glow you deserve.

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