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Welcoming a new addition to the family brings immense joy and a bundle of responsibilities. As parents, fostering the development of our little ones becomes a top priority. The journey from crawling to walking is a crucial milestone, and while a stroller is a popular choice, incorporating exercises through baby walkers can be a game-changer. In Nigeria, the adoption of baby walkers has been a longstanding tradition, offering parents a helping hand in nurturing their child’s walking abilities.

The Benefits of Baby Walkers:

Baby walkers not only support infants in their attempts to walk but also contribute to the development of proper standing and walking posture. They provide a safe environment for babies to explore their surroundings, giving parents the freedom to attend to other household chores. With a plethora of beautifully designed walkers available, the market continues to witness innovative and supportive inventions.

Prices of Baby Walkers in Nigeria:

Understanding the market prices for baby walkers is essential for parents seeking the perfect fit for their little one. Here’s a glimpse of various baby walkers available in the Nigerian market:

  1. Baby Trend Walker – From N35,000
  2. Baby Einstein Baby Walker – From N55,000
  3. Baby Alive Baby Activity Walker – From N40,000
  4. LMV Baby Walker: From N19,000
  5. LMV 3 in 1 Baby Walker – From N75,000
  6. Bright Start 3-Way Baby walker – From N110,000
  7. Yayaya Multifunctional Baby Walker – From N59,500
  8. Safety First Baby Walker – From N61,000
  9. Disney Unisex Walker: From N67,000
  10. Graco Discovery Walker: From N84,300
  11. Safety First Walker: From N60,500
  12. Universal Rain and Light Baby Walker: From N25,000
  13. Disney Music and Light Walker: From N48,000
  14. Hauck Activity Baby Walker: From N45,000
  15. Discovery Baby Walker: From N40,000
  16. Universal Activity Baby Walker: From N25,000
  17. Bravo Baby Walker: From N56,500
  18. Mastela Weeler Baby Ocean Explorer Walker: From N40,000
  19. Redkite Go Around Baby Walker: From N22,000
  20. Graceland baby Walker: From N24,000

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Walker in Nigeria:

Ensuring the safety and comfort of your baby is paramount when selecting a baby walker. Here are essential factors to consider:

  1. Safety Features:

    • Choose walkers with a wide base, anti-slipping pads, and a speed regulator to prevent accidents.
  2. Weight:

    • Consider the weight of the walker in relation to your baby’s strength for ease of mobility.
  3. Height:

    • Ensure the porch height matches your baby’s feet for a comfortable walking experience.
  4. Comfort:

    • Opt for walkers with seats made from soft and comfortable materials to keep your baby at ease.


Selecting the right baby walker involves careful consideration of safety features, weight, height, and comfort. With the diverse options available in the Nigerian market, parents can find the perfect fit to aid their little one’s journey from crawling to walking. Embrace the joy of parenthood with the support of these valuable tools, making the transition to independent walking a memorable and safe experience for your baby.

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