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Welcome to the world of Bismid, where beauty meets excellence! As we celebrate our one-year milestone, we’re excited to share the latest on our standout cosmetic products that have captured the hearts of many in Nigeria. From luxurious whitening creams to nourishing body scrubs, Bismid has become synonymous with quality in the skincare industry.

Prices of Bismid Products in Nigeria:

Let’s delve into the offerings that have made Bismid a household name, along with their current market prices:

  1. Bismid Cosmetics Extra Smooth Shirley – From N5,000
  2. Bismid Half Cast Whitening Facial Toner – 150 ml – From N7,000
  3. Bismid Cosmetics Face Toner 100 ml – From N3,500
  4. Bismid Egyptian Magic White Body Lotion 300 ml – From N13,500
  5. Bismid Cosmetics Perfect Firming And Extra Whitening Lotion 500 ml – From N17,000
  6. Bismid Egyptian Half Cast Whitening Body Milk 500 ml – From N17,000
  7. Bismid Shea Glow Recovery Cream 200 grams – From N8,000
  8. Bismid Cosmetics Glutathione Whitening Facial Toner 120 ml – From N7,000
  9. Bismid Face Cream – From N5,000
  10. Bismid Dark Thigh Cream 25 g – From N5,000
  11. Bismid Super Bleaching Milk Bubble Bath 1000 ml – From N7,000
  12. Bismid Cosmetics Intensive Whitening Cream 200 ml – From N9,500
  13. Bismid Cosmetics 24 Karat (k) Gold Facial Whitening Soap 150 g – From N5,500
  14. Bismid Cosmetics Extra White And Firming Bath – 1000 ml – From N7,000
  15. Bismid Moisture Repair Cream 500 g – From N9,500
  16. Bismid Multi-action Skin Whitening Serum 50 ml – From N6,500
  17. Bismid Skin Glowing Milk Bath 250 ml – From N13,000
  18. Bismid Exfoliating Whitening Body Scrub 500 g – From N7,500
  19. Bismid Vitamin C Facial Cleanser Refine Skin Texture 150 ml – From N7,000
  20. Bismid Cosmetics Kojic & Glutathione Extra Whitening Night Face Cream – 80 g – From N13,000
  21. Skin Whitening Cream Arbutin And Kojic Acid – 280 ml – From N11,000
  22. Bismid Cosmetics Clarifying Acne Toner 250 ml – From N5,000
  23. Bismid Cosmetics Organic Milk Coconut Whitening Scrub 700 g – From N5,500
  24. Bismid Cosmetics Fast Action Glowing Cream – 200 ml – From N8,500
  25. Bismid Remedy Skin Repairing Cream – 150 ml – From N5,000
  26. Bismid Instant Whitening Lotion – 250 ml – From N12,000
  27. Bismid Orange Extra WHITE And Firming Bath – 1000 ml – From N12,800
  28. Bismid Butter Glow Chocolate Cream 200 g – From N9,000
  29. Bismid Dark Knuckle Cream – From N8,000
  30. Bismid Radiant Glow Super Whitening Body Oil 100 ml – From N10,000
  31. Bismid Instant Whitening Lotion – 250 ml – From N10,000
  32. Bismid Exclusive Whitening Shower Bath 800 ml – From N7,500
  33. Bismid Active Clear for Acne & Blemishes – 30 ml – From N7,000
  34. Bismid Cosmetics Skin Whitening Anti-Bacterial Bubble Bath – 1000 ml – From N7,800

Where to Buy Bismid Products:

Indulge in the world of Bismid by purchasing our products from various cosmetic stores nationwide or at Bismid outlets near you. For the ultimate convenience, explore our online offerings through diverse e-commerce outlets, with delivery expected between 2 and 10 days, depending on your location.

About Bismid Products:

Bismid stands as a heavyweight in Nigeria’s cosmetic industry, crafting a diverse range of skincare products, including creams, body scrubs, and liquid soaps. While our whitening cream takes the spotlight, we emphasize the importance of responsible skincare practices. Our products, manufactured in Lagos, Nigeria, are celebrated for their efficiency, gentleness on the skin, and the luxurious experience they provide.


As we mark our one-year anniversary, Bismid remains dedicated to delivering quality skincare solutions. While our bleaching products are highly effective, we urge users to embrace responsible usage to avoid potential side effects. Join the countless individuals who have experienced the softening and smoothing effects of our products, enriched with natural ingredients for a radiant, beautiful you.

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